Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How to get a Gorgeous New Haircut, part deux

Read Part 1 here, or just scroll down!

8. Find a new hairdresser who will listen to everything you say, not just the parts he agrees with, and who will give you a haircut that is slightly less boring and unstylish than this one.

8. Call back your cranky faithful hairdresser and cry explain that you must not have made yourself clear and ask if he could please try to fix his mistake the back of your hair.

9. Show him the pictures AGAIN.

10. Let him cut your hair while your 6 yo troublemaker darling daughter begs you to show him how you can whistle like a teakettle.

11. Refuse to whistle for him despite the free re-cut.

12. Leave with a newly gorgeous haircut.


Shannon thinks we should all tell our hair horror stories. So I'm tagging:

Shannon, because it was her idea and I'm sure she has a story to tell!
Kalynne, because she has horror stories about everything!
BigMama, because she's the expert on all things fashionable and I'm sure some disasters lurk in her hair history.
Kathleen, because I've seen her hair lots of different ways and she tells a great story.
and Rachel, because she must have had something besides a chin-length bob at some point that made her swear off change. ;-) Not that she doesn't look great in her bob!

You get bonus points for photos.


  1. I'm with r, where's your picture?? Hmmmmm?

    and do you have your stylist ONLY use water on your hair - no-poo? just wondering.

    my hair was just so dang dry [w/vin too] i had to stop. i'm a little vain that way ;)

  2. Oh, I LOVE it! It's so you, so chic. (I've always been a huge opponent of homeschooling frump; you may be my new poster child...not that you were frumpy before or anything!)

    I'll play, but I have to find a color scanner somewhere to really make it work.


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