Friday, December 10, 2010

Pretty Over the Kitchen Sink

That just about describes me:  Pretty much over my kitchen sink.  ;-)  It's not my favorite thing in the house.    It's not even pretty.    I like it when it is empty.  I like it better when the inside has been cleaned.  I like it best when all the yucky stuff around and behind the faucet is cleaned and it sparkles.  While I'm thrilled that my kids are trained to do dishes, I have somehow overlooked training them in Shiny Sink 101!   I'm working on it.  Until then, a little pretty over it is a good thing.

This cheap, plastic Sacred Heart statue is always in my kitchen somewhere.  It's not pretty, but He's beautiful to me and I like to see Him on my window!

The Holy family is not an Advent decoration, either.  They came from a snowglobe that was smashed years ago by Peter (Madden).  I couldn't bear to throw them away, so they rest on my windowsill as a reminder.  I think the little clay jug came from some monastery coffee and I thought it was too cute to throw away.  Plus, it looks like one they might have used!  The rocks are marble pieces that Brendan (Hitch) brought me from his trip to Rome last year.  I think they came from the Vatican where some work was being done.

For Advent, I picked some evergreens to put in my +mom's  ancient, antique measuring cup,

and strung a garland across the window.  I heart those pinecones and berries!

It was too bright to get a good picture, so I had to put the shades down.  In the next couple of days we'll probably add handcut snowflakes to all the window panes!

I'm joining Auntie Leila in her kitchen sink party!  Want to see some more Advent sinks?


  1. It looks nice. My children do the dishes and I also need to emphasize the shiny sink to them. They are getting better at it and I clean it at least once a week so that helps.

  2. I love the way it looks! Love all those accents, especially the pine cones. I haven't figured out how to bring some nature into my place...but I am going to do that next.

  3. Love your sink pretties. My windowsill is not deep enough to set anything on -- and when we take the screens out in the winter, anything sitting there can fall out if I open the window (due to hot flashes or burning food smells!). Happy weekend, doll!

    Haha -- my word verification is "taskness."

  4. Beautifully done. And good job not throwing away the nativity! It's something I would have done and then spent a long time looking for a small one. :0/

    Sometimes I think we work hard at getting the inside of the sink clean, but sprucing up *above* it is good too. It says we love what we do :)

  5. Beautiful and festive for the season!

    Linking up from Like Mother, Like Daughter.

    Have a lovely week, Tamara

  6. Really beautiful! I love the evergreens in the measuring cup. What a treasure.
    I also really like your valance!


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