Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Advent Daybook

It's clear and very cold.  15 degrees on our drive to school, and a bit too breezy for such cold temps.  Brrrrr.

I am thinking...

about my busy week and juggling all the activities and appointments and school pick-ups.  

Lord, please get me through the next 3 2 weeks!

I'm also thinking about how we love Christmas so much around here that we add new things, and after many years it has become a burden and not a joy.  As I said yesterday in my FB status:  Christmas lights are a tool of the devil. 

He will take anything, even your prayer life, if you let him, and use it against you.  Anything that you feel compelled to do so you measure up to the Jones's, or to your own standard of perfection, can be used against you to take you away from the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.  Namely, from the Lord, Himself.

I'm learning very, very slowly to let go of my perfectionist tendencies and try to retain my Joy.  It doesn't always work, and Gaudete Sunday was, sadly, anything but joyful, but I'm learning and I think I'm quicker to figure out the trap these days.

I am thankful for...

feeling so well these days.  I'm getting a little tired of taking so many supplements, but they're really working.  My mood is so much better.  I'm not half-dead when I get up in the morning or overwhelmed by the day ahead.  And I have sufficient energy to get through my day without crashing at the end, or multiple times during the day.

From the  learning rooms  kitchen table...

We're still trying to get as much work done as possible when we're not on the road or at the theater.  We're looking forward to 2 weeks off after this!

From the kitchen...

Last night called for my famous Chili, and it was amazing.  We made yummy Butter Pecan cookies on Sunday, which we ate a few of and then froze the rest.  

The rest of this week will be simple, simple, simple.

I am wearing...

The rattiest pair of old jeans with my ratty, old, gray sweater.  I'm warm and comfy and trying to get through the days!

I am creating...
Socks and sweaters.  After I finish this sock, I'm going to bring my gray sweater in the house from the car and work on it all. the. time. to get it finished.  Hopefully, I'll be done by Christmas.  Failing that, I'd be happy with New Year's.

I am going...
to be so happy when this week of the drama production is finished!  

I am reading...
St. Francis de Sales'Introduction to the Devout Life. Slowly.
And Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To.  A little less slowly, but not much.  In fact, it is going back to the library today after 2 renewals.  Unfinished.  It's good, but long.

I am hoping and praying...
for the repose of the soul of a friend's mother who passed away last week, and her family;

for healing for lots of people with cancer, especially this little boy.  

 Fr. Kevin Peek, who became an Army Chaplain a few years ago and was re-deployed in September. 

I am hearing...
The sounds of children reluctantly doing their math.

Around the house...
Christmas lights.  I found the strength and patience to do some more lights in the house yesterday.  They're lovely and make me happy; I turn them all on to see their soft glow as soon as I wake up in the dark before dawn.

The outside lights are another matter altogether.  They give me hives. Do you drive around looking at everyone's lights at this time of year?  Do you say, Oh, I love that!  Isn't that pretty?  or
I don't like that design.  or That house is pathetic.  

Yeah.  That last one?  That's us.  We're THAT house.  The pitiful one.  Not even good enough to be the Tackiest House.

One of my favorite things...
The soft glow of (indoor) Christmas lights and garlands in the morning.

few plans for the rest of the week...
 Driving, Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama, Post office (one more trip tomorrow should do it!), and other stuff I don't care to think about. 

My kids are coming home Saturday!

A Picture Thought..

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  1. Pretty picture. Very pretty. On Saturday I said that Christmas lights are the Chinese way of making Americans nuts! Maybe the devil is using the Chinese. Keep it happy, mama. I know 'taint easy.


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