Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not Yarning Along today.  I'm still knitting on my gray sweater---I might have actually finished another inch this week.  That means only 3.5 inches to go, at the rate of an inch per week.  Maybe next year it will be done!


When I sat down the other day to fold my many baskets of laundry and the kids were out playing, I discovered this BBC mini-series on my Netflix Instant Watch.

I watched nearly 2 of the 4 episodes, and then, yesterday, I managed to finish the rest of it.  (I think I knit most of that aforementioned inch while watching!)

It was wonderful!  The beautiful Miss Hale is suddenly transplanted with her parents from the south of England to the north where industry and trade is much more common.  She  has many difficulties adapting to the cultural differences between north and south (sounds like our US north and south 200 years ago!).  Elements of pride and prejudice run rampant through the story before she eventually finds her true love.  Of course, we all know what's going to happen, but it was worth watching anyway.

It might even be worth watching again.

Do you have a favorite mini-series??  Share, please!  I have a lot of knitting to do!


  1. I heard John Adams was great but I've never made the time. There was also one on the Hallmark Channel (I think) that was a Christian/love story. I can not remember the title. Urg.

  2. I really enjoyed listening to John Adams on CD by David McCullough. I had been wanting to see the series, but forgot about it since we didn't have Netflix. Thanks for the reminder!


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