Friday, December 24, 2010

Cookie Exchange

Who doesn't love a Cookie Exchange?  I was involved in one every year when I had a bunch of little kids; not so much anymore.  I can't even think of the last time I did one!
Today I'm joining Catholic Cuisine's Virtual Cookie Exchange, though I'm a little late.  If you're running a little late, too, this is the perfect recipe!  I adore Coconut Macaroons, but had forgotten how easy they are to make.  You don't even need to whip egg whites to stiff peaks---which is what I had thought.  There are very few ingredients, and they don't require any mechanical devices.  You can't go wrong with these simple cookies!

Just be sure you watch yours a little more closely than we did; you don't want them quite this "golden"!

I probably won't be back for a couple of days, so I'll take this opportunity to wish you a joyous Christmas!  I hope it's filled with all the wonder of a newborn babe!

God bless us, Everyone!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe Sara! I just whipped up a batch and they are baking right now! :-)

    Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!


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