Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Gray Nightmare

I took it with me to Narnia, figuring there's usually enough light to knit by and I'd be able to get a lot done.  As luck would have it, it was much darker than usual and I dropped a stitch right off which I couldn't find in the dark.  So, after only 4 stitches, I put it away.

I was mindlessly knitting away at home---at the, if you'll remember, 600 some-odd, freaking stitches----when I looked at the remaining yarn.  I measured the ruffle:  only 4 inches, depending on how you stretch it.  Although, I could have sworn it was longer yesterday!  But looking at the last of my yarn, it suddenly came to me that I have to have enough yarn with which to bind off the aforementioned stitches. And since it's never going to reach 5 inches no matter how long I knit, I might as well bind off.

As you may guess, I've been binding off for what seems like hours.  I've this huge long ruffle hanging off my sweater and needles.  As it should be.

But I ran out of yarn on that skein.  Yup.  I did.

I happened to have a little ball in my bag from another skein.  I can't remember why I hadn't used that up, but I attached it have have been binding off with it.

I still have that huge, long ruffle hanging off.  It's even bigger now---I think.  My little ball is getting littler.  And would you believe, there are still thousands of stitches gathered onto my needle waiting their turns?  Okay, maybe it's something less than "600-freaking" stitches, but there certainly don't seem to be any fewer.

I'm getting scared.


  1. yes, I can recall watching the ball get smaller and smaller...hoping to eek it out stretch it something. I hope you make it and get all the happy stitches off the needle to their places.

    Happy New Year to you & yours.

  2. Uh oh. Bad feeling. I was finishing a hat for my uncle the other day and had used two yarns together, one ball of which was getting tinier and tinier. Bad feeling. I eeked it out and all was o.k. but that's a bad feeling. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for your support, Ladies. I'm happy to report that It Is Finished!!! I did run out of yarn with 40 stitches left to go!!! Can you believe that? 40 out of thousands and thousands of stitches knitted! Somehow I had the brilliant idea to just crochet chain the remaining stitches. It took a little tricky work to tie off that last little loop, but It's Done. It fits, and it's soaking now. I'll show it off next week when it's dry!


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