Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!

Good St. Nicholas filled our stockings in the night with chocolate and gold coins and candy canes!

We celebrated Sunday, and his feast, with the first batch of Christmas cookies! Instead of the traditional Speculaas or Speculatius, we made Spritz cookies.

I can't find the particular variation we use, which I learned from my in-laws years ago.  We take 2 cookies and sandwich them together with raspberry jam, and then dip half into melted chocolate chips and sprinkles.  Yummmm.

Of course, since Sundays are feast days, we ate cookies while we made them, and left a few out for St. Nick.  The rest are in the freezer for Christmas.   I think we'll make cookies every Sunday until Christmas (and perhaps during Christmas, too!).  That seems like a good compromise since Advent is a penitential season.  We'll have a few cookies while we make them, but not eat them all week long.  

It seems like we'll have dozens of cookies by the time the 25th rolls around, but I can assure you that with all of us home, they will disappear very quickly!!

How is your family celebrating St. Nicholas Day today?

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  1. Happy Feast Day, Sara!

    PS Hide the cookies under the frozen vegetables and they won't find them!


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