Tuesday, December 28, 2010

4th Day of Christmas Daybook

 Outside my window...
It's clear and very cold; in the 20's so far.  I imagine it will warm up as in generally does here in South Town. We still have an inch of frozen snow in our yard because the front of our house doesn't get sun in the winter; it will hang around for a while!

I am thinking...

about not much of anything.  Trying desperately NOT to think about the fact that school starts a week from today.

I am thankful for...

All my gifts---tangible Christmas gifts and intangible spiritual gifts.  I'm especially thankful that the sickness going around didn't dampen our celebrations too much.  

From the  learning rooms  kitchen table...


From the kitchen...

Yesterday, I came home from a meeting to find KT and Pete making  Maple Apple Bacon doughnuts.  Katie had seen it on The Best Thing I Ever Ate and wanted to try it.  They started with Barbara's fabulous recipe.  After frying up 6 slices of bacon, they sauteed finely chopped apple in the grease until soft.  They added the apples to the dough, although the final consensus was that there was not enough apple.  After frying they dipped the doughnuts in glaze made with powdered sugar and maple syrup and sprinkled them with very finely chopped bacon bits.

I had one this morning that had sufficient apple in it, and those bites at the end with the maple-frosted bacon were to. die. for.  Simply Scrumptious.

I am wearing...
My favorite Christmas sweater that comes out for just a couple of weeks every year.

I am creating...
My gray sweater is still going, but the end is in sight, because no matter how far it is to the end of that 5" ruffle, I'm on the last skein of yarn!

I am going...
To see Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader sometime this week!

I am hoping and praying...
...For a friend who has been out of work for about a year now and is about to lose her home

...for the repose of the soul of a friend's mother who passed away last week, and her family;

...for healing for lots of people with cancer, especially this little boy.  

 ...Fr. Kevin Peek, who became an Army Chaplain a few years ago and was re-deployed in September. 

I am hearing...
The Sounds of children finally getting up to get dressed and clean up, now that it's noon.

Around the house...
Christmas lights.  Christmas detritus---presents, bags of trash, bows.  It's beautiful.

One of my favorite things...
The soft glow of (indoor) Christmas lights and garlands in the morning.  Yup.  And I plan to enjoy them for a couple more weeks yet.  It seems like I just finished decorating the other day and I'm in no hurry to put it all away!

few plans for the rest of the week...
Not many plans---hooray!  Today was the Big Day, going to the auto mechanic first thing and then the chiropractor. So I'm pretty much done for the rest of the week.

A Picture Thought...
Maple Apple Bacon Doughnuts

The Chefs
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  1. Loved your daybook! Those donuts sure look and sound delicious. Happy New Year!

  2. those look awfully good...does anybody need a taste tester? Please...somebody...I enjoyed reading your daybook, such anice way of meeting nice people. Roses
    are lovely, I love the look of cabbage roses. so Vintage.Have a happy blesses new year. I thank you for prayers offered up to those who are financially unsound due to lay/off unemployment. I am trying to chin up, and pray alot
    that soon my sweet husband finds employment again. Thank you for the prayers..we all need them don't we....stop by some time.

  3. http://simplevintageandcrochet.blogspot.com/

    my blog addy has changed....

  4. http://simplevintageandcrochet.blogspot.com/

  5. I really like "the soft glow of (indoor) Christmas lights and garlands in the morning," too!


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