Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Red

There's no Yarning Along today, but I thought I would show you the socks I've been working on for months!  I mentioned them in my posts, but never showed them since they were a gift for Katie.  She said she wanted red wool socks, and here they are.  The pattern is here.

Sweet girl that she is, she is always coming up with new projects.  She reminds me of someone, can't think who!

She declared her desire for some earwarmers, which seem to be all the rage now.  In fact, I saw them in the Dollar Spot at Tar-jay yesterday!  But those were not nearly as cute as the one I whipped up out of the leftover sock yarn:

I started with a chain of 7 stitches, made a tab, and gradually increased at each end until it was the desired width.  I just used a double crochet stitch.

 It buttons in the back, in case you don't want to mess up your hair putting it off and on.  I simply substituted a "chain 1" for the "dc" to make a buttonhole.  Then, by golly, we had to find a button that would fit the buttonhole!  
 The flower is the Mother's Day Flower from Lion Brand.  I had to make that twice because it was too ruffly with 8 flower petals.  I altered the pattern to leave only 7 petals so it will lie flat.

Have you whipped up any new creations over the holidays, while ignoring the albatross around your neck another project? 

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  1. Those red projects are so cute! I really want to learn how to knit socks ... Maybe in 2011 =) And that ear-warmer is adorable! WOW!! I bet your daughter is so happy with her new hand-knit items.


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