Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rabbit Rain

Long-awaited pictures of bunnies.  Someone (Blogger or Apple) has finally gotten their act together and I've been able to post pictures twice now with no glitches!

Mopsy is, by far, the friendlier rabbit, as you can see by the lack of pics of Jasmine.

 We finally got our rabbit hutch built.  Don't criticize; we're total novices at woodworking skills!

Today, we finally put them outside in it to see how they like it.

They seemed very content with their environment, and then a huge thunderstorm started that I hadn't expected. 

 We put plywood over them while it was a light rain, but only one was staying inside the little box.  The kids couldn't stand it and went out in the driving rain to bring them back into the garage.

I don't think they minded getting completely soaked, though.

errr, the kids....or the rabbits.


  1. it's adorable! love the hinged lid! what a great job y'all did!!!!

    cute bunnies. I can't believe you got a harness on a rabbit!

  2. The biggest problem is that the wire is not quite long enough to be stapled to the top, so it's loose.

    The harness is a nice way to take the rabbits for a walk, or hop. It's a little big for Jasmine, though.

  3. What an adorable bunny! We used to have bunnies but had such terrible luck. We got two lovely bunnies and within a week they both died. They were a birthday gift for Daisy and she was so devastated!
    I love the bunny leash!


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