Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dear Blog,

Is it Thursday, already?  I had thought to spend more time with you this least a couple of outings...but sadly it is not to be.  

We're busier than ever with 2 play rehearsals per week for Meg and Pip.  They're going to be in a show at our local community theater!  And then, yesterday, my brother came to visit for a couple of hours on his way to a business meeting in town.  Between cooking, cleaning, schooling, driving, and more driving, you've been sadly neglected.  So sorry!

Don't feel too badly, though. You're not the only one; my friend Mrs. Maytag is being neglected, too. We need to spend a whole day together, and bond, but it is not this day. Today we'll be doing our Starbucks school, meeting with Farmer Chad, a quick lunch at home, and then off to rehearsal, pick up TMax at some point, and then off to AHG in the evening.  Whew.  

The only ones who get any attention around here are Mrs. Sweater and Miss Sock, depending on whether I'm in the car or at home.

Maybe we'll have time for 7 Quickies tomorrow (wow, that sounds dirty!), but if not, don't forget me.



  1. How is your brother? I think of him every time I remember you on my rosary! I always think "I have to ask Sara how he is" and then I promptly forget!

  2. Barbara, he's amazing, considering what he went through. He can hike 10 miles. He just discovered that his balance has improved to the point where he can ride a bike! Along with other little issues, the 3 major problems that still exist are headaches, deafness in one ear (which will never recover), and a paralyzed vocal chord which makes speech and eating very labor intensive. We're going to start praying specifically for that vocal chord to heal. He has an excellent attitude, but it would go a long way toward making life better!

    And thanks for remembering me on your rosary! You're such a sweetheart!

  3. didn't I leave a comment here?

    thrilled to hear about your brother! what a miracle!


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