Tuesday, October 19, 2010



Outside my window...It is bright and sunny.  75 degrees.  It's a lovely fall day, and since we just got home from rehearsal, the kids bolted outside to see their friends getting off the bus.  They'll be out all afternoon.  Love it!

I am thinking...
about lots of things that need to be done, as usual.

I am thankful for...
This gorgeous weather, my faith and my family (2 more things that I've been thinking  about.
From the learning rooms kitchen table...The usual:  math, religion, science, geography.  But there is sadly a large pile of tests that need to be entered into the computer!  (Last week's entry, except now we're not really at the kitchen table.  We're cozy in front of the fireplace.  It's 60 degrees in the house, and 70's outside, so we turn on the fire for a few hours in the a.m.)

From the kitchen...
Last night it was spicy corn chowder, which leftovers will be good with quesadillas and chorizo sausage tonight.  Yum!

I am wearing...
The Good Jeans with a navy v-neck and my favorite thrifted, green cardigan.

I am creating...Sweaters, socks, hats.  Still.

I am going...
to pick up TMax in a little bit, with a stop on the way to pick up a new knitting needle for that hat.

I am reading...Voyager.  The 3rd volume in the Outlander series.  What a love story! The Fiery Cross:  The 5th volume in the Outlander series!

I am hoping and praying...for healing for lots of people with cancer, especially this little boy.  And for my brother's voice to return.

I am hearing...
The house is silent except for the sound of SQPN's Catholic Weekend playing while I type.

Around the house...
I have a strong desire to go through my house methodically to clean and de-clutter and reorganize.  I think that means that I have more energy than I have had in recent months!  

One of my favorite things...My new doctor who is quite the detective when it comes to finding out the root cause of my thyroid problems instead of just writing a prescription.  While we do more tests and wait, he has put me on an herbal supplement that has practically changed my life.  I didn't realize how much of myself I had lost.  I have energy again; I can make it through the day without collapsing periodically.  I'm sleeping better.  Life is good and he's my hero.  

few plans for the rest of the week:  Choir, AHG, reading, knitting. That's the standard, but I'm looking forward to going to Mass and a little adoration while the kids are at rehearsal on Thursday.

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  1. glad to hear you're feeling better! low thyroid can really do a doozy on ya.


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