Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Agony and The Ecstasy

Saturday was an unusual day.  I had a special choir rehearsal all morning where we sang mostly Christmas music.  That was fun.  But TMax was at an Academic Team tournament  from which I had to pick him up
 whenever he was done.  Since I was in the area, I stopped at my LYS (Local Yarn Store, for the uninitiated); they had just moved to a bigger location.

Here's the Ecstasy part:

I spent a little over an hour walking past every.  single.  row. of shelves.  Full of yarn.

Gorgeous colorways that make me happy.

I felt most of them.  Should I not have done that?  Because that's the best part!

I found new yarns that I'd never heard of.  I found yarns that I have heard of and have been dying to use.  I thought of patterns that I have downloaded, that are waiting in my queue.

Here's the Agony part:

There are so many amazing yarns that feel so scrumptious!  There are so many patterns I'm longing to knit, both for myself and for others.

And there is so little time and so little money for all those things.  Since I knit fairly slowly, I can probably manage to scrounge up the money for the next project while I work on one.  But it's really hard to stay faithful to one wip at a time.  I like to have lots of things to choose from depending on my mood.

I wish someone would pay me to knit.


  1. I wish someone would pay me to knit.

    Me too! Then I would have an excuse for sitting on my behind and knitting instead of doing every thing else! I frequently justify charity knitting, but I can't justify expensive yarn for that purpose!

  2. Hmmmmm I could use a really snuggly cardigan that fits my skinny shoulders and big butt and long arms without looking like a tent. What's your price? But it must be soft and I'm allergic to wool

  3. I am a non-knitter (not by choice but rather, skill) and I could TOTALLY relate to this post. I love fabric stores for the same reason--the textures, the colors, the sensory overload.

    The artist in me sighs and sighs, and looks forward to the day (in heaven, maybe?) when I have all the time I want to create.

  4. Barb, I guess we can only get paid to knit if we write books and we have to knit the patterns we create.

    Sara: You need a custom, top-down sweater like the one I just made for Pip. But you live too far away for me to do it! You need to be able to try it on periodically.

    Margaret, I feel the almost the same way about fabric stores. Maybe because I don't sew as well as I knit, but it's a much more intense love affair with yarn!

  5. well dangit.

    maybe I should move closer.....


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