Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Pillows

This week's project was thrifty, new pillows for my family room.

On Sunday, I made the pillow "forms" from an old and stained tablecloth my mother-in-law had given me to repurpose.  After removing the lace trim, I got 4 20" square, hardly stained, pillows out of it.  I have plans for the lace, too.

A while back I had used my trusty calculator at JoAnn's to find out that the big 5-pound box of fiberfill is, indeed, the cheapest.  Which I bought with my trusty 50% off coupon.   It was perfect for filling those 4 pillows.

The next step was to make pillow covers out of shower curtains.  These waffle-weave curtains had been hanging in the princess's room ever since it was a boy's room.  Fabric shower curtains can be a great way to cover big windows inexpensively!

I cut a long strip and overlapped the edges to make a sham of sorts so it could be easily removed and washed.  A simple seam down each side is all that's needed---unless you want to zig-zag and finish all the edges.  Just measure carefully to make sure you end up with that 20x20 size, or a hair larger.

My inspiration was a set of pillows with a row of buttons that I thought was from Pottery Barn, although I can't find them now.  Instead of buttons, I have grommets.  

But they're not uncomfortable.  In fact, one hardly notices the grommets, and the waffle weave is super cozy and comfy.  It provides a nice texture against the leather furniture.  

I'm also loving the 20x20 size much better than the 16x16 pillows we had.  These are much better for sitting against on this b.i.g. furniture!

Maybe I'll get a few minutes to sit on the sofa today and read!  Probably not to myself, but I can curl up with a child (or two) and do schoolwork.


  1. can i have the red suede ones or are you still using them too?

  2. I love the grommet look! Very clever indeed~


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