Monday, April 19, 2010

First Communion Preparation

My ongoing project for the next 2 weeks is making sure our Little Princess is properly outfitted for her First Holy Communion, both spiritually and physically.

The past few days have been concentrated on that physical aspect (while the past few months have been concentrated on the spiritual part).  Using my trusty coupons from JoAnn's (you are on their mailing list, right?  You never go without a coupon, right?), I have made several trips to buy one or two things.

Like a tiara.  She is such a princess and loves her bling!

Like tear-drop tulle.  She really liked the extra oomph of those teardrops!  And, I'll admit that I do, too.

I simply gathered the tulle and attached it to a ribbon, and then set about sewing it to the tiara.  I didn't like the look of the thread since I couldn't find my clear thread, so I decided to glue it.  (gasp!)  I figure I can always sew it when I get the thread if I'm not sure it will hold up, but I used the super E-6000 craft glue, and I think it will hold.  I opted NOT to use hot glue because it can be hard to manipulate and I didn't want to risk getting glue in places I oughtn't.

I also got out KT's dress which I made for her First Communion in 1997. (Has it really been that long?) I kept looking at it and finally came to the conclusion that it had yellowed a bit in 13 years.

A little internet research led me to buy a new bucket of Oxy-clean to soak it for a few hours.  Let me tell you, I was really nervous last night!  After the first hour, I thought it was getting yellower!  Four hours later, I ran the washer and it came out snowy white.  Hooray!

I re-hemmed it this morning since this little princess is a bit taller than her sister was.  And I keep having the same conversation with myself that I had 13 years ago-----did I sew this dress wrong side out????

(ugh, blurry)

The white on white damask looks like it could go either way to me.  KT and I opted for the dull background with the satiny roses showing instead of the satin background with dull roses.  She liked it.  I preferred it that way for a little girl.  But I honestly don't know which side is the right side.

I remember there was another girl at KT's FC who had a dress of the same fabric.  I think her mom used the other side.

Which side would you use?  Which one do you think is right?  WAIT!  Before you answer....

If you think the satin background is the correct side, you must also say that it doesn't matter and it's beautiful either way!!!  

I need the moral support and I don't want to have to make a new dress this week.  Or worry myself sick that she's wearing her dress wrong-side out.

I'll just say one more thing.....I can sew, but I am NOT a seamstress.


  1. DON'T start over -- speaking from experience. She will look beautiful and the fabric is probably made to go either way (at least that's what I am telling myself about chiffon -- because I can't tell the difference!). Focus on the fun.

    PS The rosary beads arrived today.

  2. In monasteries of old, nuns used to wash up very old baptismal and First Holy Communion dresses in fresh squeezed lemon water, or spot removing using watered down fresh squeezed lemon juice. Then, they would place it directly in the sun to dry. Since we don't have sun, why not just try to wash first by soaking in diluted lemon water for a time, hang to dry and see if that doesn't help first.

    Veil is lovely. She will definitely feel special wearing it. Pics later please? So exciting! Good job mama!

  3. WHO CARES??!!

    It really doesn't matter, and I've frequently seen seamstresses intentionally use the back side of fabrics because they like them better than the front.

    so sit back and enjoy that dress!!

    how many years do I have before I have to make a white lacey thing for my girl?? eeeegads!

  4. In terms of how damask is woven the satin in the background is the "right" side. Sometimes it's really obvious but often it isn't.

    That being said, it's perfectly fine to use it either way. I can't wait to see the whole thing as it looks just lovely!

  5. what a beautiful dress and vail. I personally would prefer shiny flowers than a shiny dress.

    I am sure she will look beautiful.

    Blessings for a wonderful day.


  6. very pretty~ I think the shiny flowers look great!

  7. Thanks everyone for all your support! You're all so sweet! I, too, like the satiny roses, Alicia.

    I put it on her today and it looks nice and white, fits beautifully, and looks good with her veil. We even figured out how to style her hair with the tiara on.

    Michele, thanks for your authoritative response. If I'd known you 13 years ago, I would have asked you!


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