Friday, April 30, 2010

7 Quick Takes


First Communion prep is in full swing here.  Last minute cleaning and cooking on the list for today, then the in-laws arrive this evening, and rehearsal.  Our Little Princess is looking forward to tomorrow! I bought some flowers to decorate with and she keeps saying I should buy a bouquet to give her after Mass.  I keep reminding her that she's getting the King of the Universe and that should be quite enough.  

Dontcha think?


Did I ever tell you how smart my husband is?  We've been nagging him for years to go on Jeopardy!  and he never would listen.  TMax got the ball rolling by trying out for Teen Jeopardy! a couple of months ago and learning the process.  We finally coerced dh into taking the online test which you have to register for and then, if you pass, they might contact you for an audition.  

So he's gotten the email for an audition, which means he'll we'll go to New Orleans for more testing.  I think there is another computer test, and then some actual play with the buzzers, and an interview.  Should be interesting.   It's an overnight in NoLa where we've never been, so we're excited.  

The thought that he could win 2.5 million dollars like Ken Jennings is pretty exciting too, but I'm not getting my hopes up about that.  


My little princess never reads my blog.  Why would she?  TMax says, "Why should I read your blog, Mom?  I live your blog!"  Wouldn't you know it, the very day I posted about her rosary, she said she wanted to read it!  I certainly didn't open the page for her, and I hoped she wouldn't, but I knew if I protested too much she'd get a stronger urge.  I kept wondering what made her so suspicious, but I guess it was just coincidence.  


I'm getting such a kick out of reading a gazillion blogs on Fridays from The Inspired Room's linky party.  I open a whole bunch of tabs and go to town reading all about large and small decorating projects.  It's a lot of fun----there's such a wealth in inspiration and information in the blogosphere!  Yes, there's a lot of wasted time there, too, so I one has to be careful.

I'd like to have my own inspirational post to put up every week, too.  But...alas...No.


Remember I told you briefly about this little girl Kerrigan that we were praying for?  After her open-heart surgery, she aspirated her juice and went into cardiac arrest.  Evidently, her brain was without oxygen for 10 minutes until they got her on life support.  Now, from what I know, that kind of oxygen deprivation is disastrous!  When she finally started waking up after that, she did not look good and it looked like she was going to have severe brain damage.  

Our choir started praying for her through the intercession of Pier Giorgio Frassati and the next day she showed miraculous improvement!!  She has learned to crawl, walk, talk, and eat again.  In fact, she was just released from rehab this week, and as far as I know,  is almost completely back to normal.  We're so excited about her recovery.  What an ordeal this young family has been through!

Many thanks to God and Blessed Pier Giorgio for her recovery and their continued faith.


My college kids will be home for a short weekend tomorrow to celebrate with LP.  I can't wait to see them!  Then they'll be home next week when they're finished with exams.  I'll get to have them for 3 whole weeks until they go back to college-town to spend the summer.  They have jobs there, you see, and it's wise to keep those these days..


Madden is away for a couple of days at the State Track Meet.  It kind of blows my mind that he left yesterday morning and won't return until Saturday evening for about 20 seconds worth of running!



  1. Having a hard time keeping those white patent leather First Holy Communion shoes down on earth, too. What's with these girlies? Of course, Faith got a huge dose of reality at practice last night. Gulp.

    PS Jeopardy news is very exciting. Keep us posted!

  2. okay, give me plenty of warning so i can break into someone's house to watch him when he makes it on TV!! I'll have to plan the get away sothat I don't end up in jail.......maybe there's a FAST CAR on ebay.....


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