Friday, April 9, 2010

7 Quick Takes


It's a quiet week here:  TMax is away at Eagle Camp (a special camp for boys who want to work on their Eagle-required merit badges), and the neighbors are on spring break.  Pipster and LP and I are trying to get our schooling done, but it's not easy because they're not motivated.  They just want to play.  It doesn't help that LP has been a little sick this week, too.


Also, since it is spring break, the two of them have their first pet-sitting job ever.  They're taking care of a little dog down the road.  She requires about 5 visits per day (so it's a good thing we're home!), and she nipped at LP on the first day since she was scared of her.  My Princess got hit by just one tooth (thank heavens!) on the bridge of her nose, but it bled quite a bit.  We've kept it clean and watched it carefully, and it's looking much better.

On Wednesday, Little Princess went to play with a little friend who has a very big dog---a Rhodesian Ridgeback---who is always kept locked up because he's a bit aggressive toward people who come to the house.  LP rang the doorbell and when the 6 year-old opened the door, she let the dog out who immediately attacked my baby!  Poor thing was terrified and has a couple of bites on her ankle.  He broke the skin, but it didn't bleed much (it wasn't as deep as the one on her nose!).  There's more bruising than bleeding.  Fortunately, the dog obeyed immediately when called by the mom. 

The poor mom had just gotten out of the hospital and was beside herself with worry about my baby.  She called me and cleaned her up.  I'm more concerned about the Little Princess being scared of dogs than anything else, but she was actually brave enough to go back over there when invited yesterday!  Even though the dog is in the garage, I'd still be a little nervous over there!


We've been working at our community garden this week.  This week is was our job to turn the compost. Since it was just me and the 2 little ones, I had to do it all myself----move compost C to bin A, and compost B to bin C.  It was exhausting, but I got my workout for the day.

I planted some lettuce and brussels sprouts, but I still have my tomato and pepper seedlings at home.  I'm waiting a few more days to be sure we're past the frost day.  As an experiment, I also planted a few things at home to see if we get enough sun here.


In exciting news, TMax got accepted to one of our local Catholic schools, so he'll be going to high school next year!  He's looking forward to it because they have so much to offer.  It's not the same school my older 3 have gone, too, so it will be a bit of a change.  In fact, we'll have kids in 2 different high schools next year!  That will be a challenge, I'm sure, but I hope it will be worth it.


I had a big anniversary the other day which, sadly, went completely unnoticed.  April 6, 1996 was the date of my entry into the Catholic Church.  TMax was baptized that day, too, and he wasn't here for me to wish a "Happy Anniversary" to.  But I thought about it, and said a little prayer of thanksgiving for Jesus (and my dear husband) bringing me to The Church.


We had heavy rain yesterday for a little while yesterday, and I saw the convergence of rivers in my yard.  Reminders of last year.  But it ended and the sun came out again.  It was a gorgeous evening with the air and land washed clean of all that nasty, yellow pollen.  I don't need floods, but I'd like enough rain to keep that stuff washed away!


Since today is "easy day" in school, I think I'm going to do some sewing....We'll see how that goes.


Have a pollen-free day, and visit Jen's for more Quick Takes!


  1. Congratulations on #5!! I'm sure your Guardian Angel was rejoicing with you!

  2. Happy Birthday -- the day you were reborn into new life. I'm happy to have you as a fellow Catholic.

  3. Happy 14th Anniversary! I just marked 5 years and my mom came into the Church this Easter!

  4. I don't remember the date...but this Easter was my first anniversary :-) what a journey, no?

    poor baby, glad she's a trooper.

    hooray for the high school! we're awaiting word to see if the boys got into a charter school in town that we're hoping will be a big improvement over where Sonshine's at now...


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