Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nature Studies

Have you been doing your Nature Studies?

We took a little break from watching the Owl Box constantly during Holy Week.  I tuned in this morning to find that Molly's owlets are huge!  They've grown so much!

The 5th egg still hadn't hatched when we last watched.  Evidently, the last (6th) egg is a dud, but I see that it is still there today.  They say she ate the first one she laid because it was bad, but she hasn't eaten this one yet.  I wonder why?

Her 4 babies are so big, I don't see how she can even sit on them all anymore!

You've got to tune in for a little while to watch...We keep the pop-out open most of the day so we see the owls, but not all the ridiculous chat-room stuff, most of which is not very edifying.

We saw her cough up an owl pellet once, which was fascinating, yet disgusting at the same time. And did you know that all that nesting material is the fur from the animals she has eaten?  After she coughs up the pellets she tears them apart to line the nest.


But fascinating anyway.

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  1. I do not understand this phenomenon. and yet sooo many bloggers are ADDICTED.


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