Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Answer to the Question

Who is the patron saint of knitters?  I asked when I was desperately finishing up Dh's socks.

To answer your question, both are correct. As I mentioned yesterday, patron saints were people who have something to do with your situation, problem, job, hobby, dog....the idea is that you pick a person who had to deal with something like what you are up against. Sometimes it's a stretch, like the story of St. Blaise and his relationship with people who like to knit.

St. Blaise was tortured with a comb used to comb sheep. Wool comes from sheep. Knitters knit with wool. I'll bet there are plenty of saints who actually knitted, but since no one saint has ever been singled out as a knitting maniac, St. Blaise will have to do. Anyhow we love St. Blaise, even though he's the reason I never liked fish as a child.
Now we know!

Thank you very much, Sister Mary Martha!

1 comment:

  1. think I'd keep looking for a knitter!

    tortured with a sheep comb?? geez louise.


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