Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Knitting Progress

The Little Princess has been croupy the past few days.  Today is her best day yet.  So we've been keeping quiet and not doing much outside of the house.

Hmmm, that sock picture is kinda blurry.

That's better, not so close.  I need to get someone to put it on for me to see if it's the right size yet.  But, while waiting for someone to do that....

I finally found the project for this adorable yarn that I picked up at Hobby Lobby months ago.  It's soft and scrumptious and comes in the cutest confetti-like colors.

Bad light, again.  Rainy day, you know?  All those fun little cables!!!

I found this idea at Cozy As Spring.  I love this cardigan!  I'm leaving out the little bobbles in the cables because I don't think they'll show up as well with this flecked yarn.

Plus, I hate making bobbles!!!  I don't think I can express how strongly I hate making bobbles.  They make me crazy.

Enough of that...but this is knitting up way more quickly than that sock.... (What a difference a slightly thicker yarn makes!)...It might even be done by Christmas!


  1. have you seen this?



  2. One of these days I'm going to try socks...and cabling. You've been a busy girl!

    Is there a spot in, say, Kentucky where we can meet and knit? ;-)


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