Friday, October 2, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1.  American Heritage Girls was last night, and our group is growing!  We had 3 new girls show up last night unexpectedly.  They're still all meeting "one-room schoolhouse" style with all the different levels together, but they were having a great time every time I went in the room.  Next week they're having a Tea Party (not the political type!) with the moms, and I hope we'll be moving into separate units at that point.  Although, we'll still be doing activities together.

2.  AHG is planning a mother/daughter camping trip this fall.  The date was announced last night:  November 21.  All I can think of is COLD!!!  When we talked about this trip back in late May, you know, actually camping without the men, I think we were all expecting more of the same warm weather where is campfire is a fun part of the camping experience, not a necessity.  But now we're going to teach these girls what camping is all about!

And we I say "we," I hope you know that I mean "a bunch of moms, most of whom are novice campers, and barely know how to build a fire or set up a tent."


It's not too early to start praying for unseasonably warm weather, is it?

3.  Little Princess just woke up---she's wearing a peasant-style nightgown that KT made about 10 years ago----out of an old sheet.  It's the sweetest nightown, with a little rose sewn on the front of the neck.  And since LP is younger than KT was when she made it, it comes all the way down to the floor.

That was one great, sturdy sheet.  I think we have a Blessed Virgin Mary tunic made out of the same set. 

4.  TMax and Pipster got up at 6 am again to make Alton Brown's pancakes.   This recipe requires separating eggs, so I asked Pipster if he knew how to do it.  (I don't know about you, but with 6 kids I sometimes forget which kids have which skills!)  With a barely restrained eye roll and just the slightest hint of annoyance in his voice, he said "yes."  Again, I don't know about you, but I think it's pretty great that my 10 year old knows how to separate eggs.

When all the kids were younger, it was necessary for them to have a certain level of self-sufficiency, because I was probably busy with a younger sibling.  That's part of the beauty of a large family; children learn skills out of necessity because mom simply doesn't have the time to do everything for them. 

Now that they're older, I've learned that children are quite capable of fending for themselves, so I have a lot more time for blog-reading.  Works out nicely, dontcha think? 

5.  A couple of weeks ago I was having a lot of trouble staying awake during school hours.  And who doesn't?  I found that it helps a lot if I bring my knitting to the table, so when I'm not actually teaching or grading, I can fill the moments with things like:
k1, p2, k6, p2, k1
It's making a lovely sock.  I just wish I could knit faster to move on to the next project.

6.  Speaking of projects....remember the quilt?  That I was going to finish by October 1? 

Would you believe I haven't touched it since then?  Nothing like an unreasonable deadline to make me stop working on something!  Well, that, and a much more charming, portable sock.

 I finished the quilting that I had planned to do and I looked at the whole thing and realized I would still have to tie it all over the place, or quilt at least a dozen more squares.  I can't decide what to do.  I'm not loving the idea of quilting and tying.  Paralyzed by indecision.  But I want it on LP's bed.  Soon. 

7.  There was a number seven that I was going to tell you about...but going into the kitchen to check on the production of light, fluffy, blueberry pancakes, and sending The Master of the World and Madden off in the dark morning completely knocked it out of my head.

Have a great day!  Stop by Jennifer's for more Quick Takes.

Ha!  Now I remember---linking to Jen's site reminded me.  Blogger has new advanced features that I'm really liking!  Some things are much easier to use.  It uploads pictures to wherever you are in your post instead of all at the beginning, forcing me to relocate each one painstakingly to it's proper position.

WTG, Blogger!


  1. I LOVE that nightgown!
    And this made me laugh today...I am constantly saying to my kids ...
    "Um...have I taught you that yet...or did I teach so-and-so that?"

    My 12 year old son is a man to be admired in his kitchen skills...we had a co-op once with a cooking class and "BOOM! A star chef was born!"

    As for being sleepy...try 6 small meals...breakfast...snack...lunch...snack,etc...
    it might help regulate blood sugar better...late afternoon drowsiness is often a glucose situation.

    Thanks for these great Quick Takes!

  2. need a motivation infusion???

    spread it out on her bed...then walk up and down the hall 3 or 4 times peeking in at the quilt in all it's awesomeness as you pass the room each time.....

    Then mark where you want your ties a dig in!!....

    WHERE do you live???? I mean, I might be able to camp Nov 21....MAYBE, here in Texas....but it seems to me you AIN'T in Texas friend.


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