Friday, October 16, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1.  Did you know that our beloved President Bush outlawed incandescent lightbulbs?  Yep.  We're making the switchover to those oh-so-wonderful compact flourescent bulbs in 2010.  Yikes.  This lightbulb issue really drives me crazy, and it's not just because I hate, loathe, and despise the light produced by CFL (compact flourescent) bulbs.   It's because they contain mercury.  You know, we're not even allowed have mercury thermometers anymore (the only kind that really work), but they want us to fill our houses with these bulbs.  God forbid we should break one.  We're not even allowed to throw them in the trash.  This is a great article that explains the dangers of these bulbs.  I think it's too late to do anything other than stock up on incandescents, especially the full-sprectrum ones!  It'll be kind of hard to boycott CFL's once the incandescents disappear from the shelves.

I just don't understand the people in Washington.  Sure, taking care of the planet is important, but some of the ways they want to do it are just plain stupid and short-sighted.  And expensive for taxpayers and government.

2.  On a lighter (lol!) note, here's the cure for busy little hands during family prayer time:

Silly putty.

3.  The view from my kitchen window of fall changes.  My dogwood tree is one of the first thing that changes colors.

4.  American Heritage Girls last night.  We had a big tea party, and despite the fact that there was a bridge out just down the road, and practically everyone had to make a huge detour and spend quadruple the normal amount of time on the road, and several new girls came, and it was beautiful girly chaos, a good time was had by all.  After reading that sentence maybe you have some idea how they felt who had to make the detour.

I got lucky, I just slipped past the barrier saying the road was closed because of the bridge.  I suspected that people who live in the neighborhoods across from the church could go home and I could go to church,  so, while all the other folks there at that time were turning around, I just kept going.  A policeman there might of deterred me, but there wasn't anyone there at the time.  By the time I went home, there was another barrier and a cop.

5.  When I got home I found an email that arrived about an hour after I had left, saying the bridge was closed.  This is a little bridge just down the street from the church; it crosses a creek that shoots off the Chattahoochee River.  No mention of this "bridge out" was made on the evening traffic report; I guess because it's such a small road and minor bridge.  But let me tell you, it's not minor to the (seemingly) thousands of commuters daily!  Usually at that time of day, I'll have to sit in traffic inching past the church because of a stoplight a half-mile away (just past that little bridge).  We can be sitting in sight of the church and unable to get there for 15 mins. because of traffic. 

6.  Today is the feast of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque.  That's what it says on my calendar, but EWTN says it's tomorrow.  Anyone know the truth or why there is a discrepancy?  Wikipedia even says it's tomorrow.  Catholic Culture says it's today.  Is it the difference between the old and new calendar?

Anyway....we're celebrating the name day of my Little Princess today!   You can usually tell what I was reading before my babies were born by what their names are.  At this time, I was reading Margaret Mary's biography and feeling very drawn to having our home enthroned to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  So she is Margaret Mary and, after several weeks of prayerful preparation, we had our home enthroned in a few months later.

7.  My 7 Quick Takes are too long.  I have to work on shortening them.


  1. I love long quick takes.
    It makes a nice read and I have enjoyd yours.
    Thank you
    God Bless

  2. Can't stand the new bulbs either. I refuse to buy them. I'll take your advice and stock up. Years from now they will be trying to undue the damage mercury has had on our environment.

    Love, love that name! Happy name day Margaret Mary!

  3. I did not know about the lightbulb issue

  4. Laine really loved the meeting last night. And I am very ticked about the lightbulb thing. I guess I will be stocking up.

  5. you went around a barrier????

    you naughty thing!!


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