Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quilt Progress

It started with this back in January (!?):

Laying out the blocks a few weeks later:

I'm using large squares because this is supposed to be a quick, relatively easy quilt.

Here the squares are all sewn together:

My original intent was to keep this simple and simply hand-tie the intersections of the squares, but some people convinced me to actually quilt it by hand. I'm still taking the easy way out and only quilting the large center square and all those light green ones. To make it a nice symmetrical pattern, there are a few more that get done, too.

The center square of the 9-patches get a smaller version of the big flower.

A few more squares and I can make the binding and finish it up! Little Princess is wondering if it will ever be finished. I've set myself a goal of October 1.

I don't think that's near enough time!


  1. Very nice work! What a lucky girl, your princess is. You need to rent a couple of chick flicks to help get you to the finish line! (Nothing like a chick flick to shoo the boys out and leave you alone!)

  2. scmom is right!

    my fav movie to quilt by is "How to Make an American Quilt" if you've never seen it I highly recommend it!!

    beautiful small even stitches! what a great job!!

    Go Sara Go
    Go Sara Go
    Quilt it up
    Quilt it up
    Go Sara Go!!


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