Friday, September 25, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I finished the quilting on LP's quilt and I'm ready to start making the binding and sewing it on. Praise the Lord. I'm ready to be finished with this project, but mostly I'm ready to see something new on her bed.

2. Impromptu football game last night. One of our football games fell through because we're borrowing a field and the other team didn't want to play on a Saturday. So Coach found a team to play on a Thursday night. We beat the other undefeated team 40-19.

3. Yesterday we made our weekly Thursday run to pick up farm-fresh milk and eggs and then go to Trader Joe's. We generally stop by the community garden on the way back to check on our plot, and we hadn't seen it since the floods. The garden wasn't underwater, but the playground and basketball courts on the other side of the parking lot had been. Everything was fine until we started home and I forgot all about the speed trap while I was talking to Pipster. TMax wasn't there to remind me to watch my speed.

He's been dying to see the speed trap in action because I've told him about it----these 2 cops just stand in the left turn lane with the radar and then step out into the middle of the road to stop the speeders.

Yep. You guessed it. Snagged.

Okay, it sounds bad to be going 51 in a 35 mph zone, but you have to see this road. Hardly any cars. Perfectly straight. 4 lanes divided by a median. The speed limit could easily be 50 mph, but because it's residential on one side and a park on the other, it's only 35. Cross the intersection 1/4 of a mile up the road and it's 45. grrrr.

Embarrassing. Expensive. Crap, crap, crap.

Oh, and they pulled someone else over before I was out of sight. Big money maker, that.

4. I'm going to start re-reading all the Betsy-Tacy books, well, skimming them to find literary references, and read all the books and poems mentioned in the books. I think it will be fun. I think I'll even try to find recordings of the music they sang and danced to around the piano.

5. I didn't get my quick takes out this morning because we decided to go to the zoo. We were able to check out a family zoo pass from the library, after trying to get it for a year, and we decided to make hay while the sun shines, so to speak, since we're expecting more rain tonight.

6. The zoo was fun and I'll tell you more about it tomorrow and show you pictures, because I know you've never seen animals before.

I want to all animals in zoos turn brick red, or is it just the ones that live here where the Georgia clay colors everything?

7. The flooding did quite a number on our church property. We enjoy our riverside property and have a beautiful Stations of the Cross out there, but it's not so nice anymore. All kinds of trash washed up; the water wrecked our benches and picnic tables, damaged at least one station, and covered the whole area with sewer overflow. It's yucky, to say the least. And now we won't be able to have our parish picnic out there anytime soon. I think there will be lots of cleanup parties instead.


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  1. you know..I don't think I HAVE ever seen animals you'd better bring on those pictures and edumacate me....

    and I know I haven't seen RED animals!

  2. You can check out a family zoo pass from the library?? I'll have to let my sister know - she lives in the Atlanta area.

  3. Fifteen years of homeschooling and still sane?! God bless you!


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