Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quiet Holiday Weekend

Most of the bloggers I read kept me up to date over the long weekend, but otherwise it seems pretty to have been pretty quiet in the blogging world. No one has visited my little corner in days! How sad is that?

We had a quiet weekend with KT home sick. We brought Hitch home Saturday night after he got off work. Mom (that's me) got sick Monday after feeling under the weather Saturday and Sunday. However, I made a miraculous recovery and felt much better yesterday!

We had some good eats over the weekend. In fact, it was a rather spicy weekend!

Saturday we enjoyed Rachael Ray's Grilled Summer Corn and Chipotle Chowder which is very hot. The Princess cries when we have it for dinner! Just a couple of tastes, which is all I require, is too much for her. The recipe must have come from R.R.'s magazine because I can't find it online.

With it, we served P-Dub's bacon-wrapped jalapeno thingies! We had a bunch of jalapenos from the garden that needed to be used and these were yum. meee.

Also from the garden were a zillion green tomatoes, so I fried them using a recipe that I found online, but it's pretty much what I would have done anyway. Half flour, half cornmeal, lots of salt and pepper; dredge 'em and fry away. A few of us loved them. A few others were perfectly happy to skip them.

Another "premiere" that was had was sweet potato fries. TMax had a hankering to try them after seeing them on Food Network, which has become the TV channel of choice since the move to Comcast HD! Disney would win except that the older members of the household can only stand so much. It's amazing to me that even the Disney fans are usually happy to watch FoodNetwork. Every now and again I sneak the channel over to HGTV and they like that, too.

Oh, back to the fries....I let TMax go to town and make those. He did a great job of peeling and chopping, spicing, and baking. They were so good that he had to make them again on Labor Day with the rest of the sweet potatoes.

Yesterday, weekend over, we celebrated the birth of our Blessed Mother with Alton Brown's Chiffon Cupcakes. I'm pretty sure he would be mortified that I used freshly ground white whole wheat flour in them, but we still enjoyed them. The whole wheat worked better with the chiffon method than it would have with a regular batter recipe. Then it would have been a muffin! We baked them in coffee cups which he suggests and it was a lot of fun.


  1. well, now that I'm HUNGRY I think I'll go home and try not to overeat!

    and what do you mean no one came by??? I know that I come by every time you post!!! cuz it's the only way I can empty my google reader! hahaha.

  2. Sounds like good eats! I'll take some of that carrot cake for breakfast.

    I don't know why, but blogger never updates your blog in my sidebar. Today was the first day I saw an update since last week. Very weird. (I just typed "very wired" five times. Maybe a system cleansing for me too.)


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