Friday, September 4, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1. I hate carrot cake. Actually, I love it, but having it for breakfast is a bad idea. It starts my day off all wrong. I just want to know why I can't get this stuff out of my life forever! But people will keep having birthdays, and the Church keeps having feast days, and really, what's a birthday without sugar?

Oh, and if there's a bad day to start off wrong, it's a Friday where we don't have much schoolwork and Daddy is going to the away football game tonight and I'll be here with the 3 youngest all. day. long. See, another thing sugar does to on sentences and then 3 periods in a row.

2. For your viewing pleasure, a couple of very nice photos that my darling Madden took the other day as part of his art homework. I hope he has a good game tonight!

3. My 3 young'uns, the homeschoolers, have learned all the countries and their locations in South America in the past 3 weeks (that's 7 5-minute lessons) thanks to Visualize World Geography. Amazing. They're excited to move on the rest of the world. Me, too, cuz I certainly didn't know this stuff!

4. I haven't heard from Hitch all week, so he must have continued his rapid recovery from the flu. KT is still sick, but seemingly not sick enough to miss classes anymore. I think that's worse. It's a good thing she has a long weekend coming up. I wish she were home already.

5. I spent yesterday morning in traffic court regarding my car wreck in May. I was there as a witness for the State against the poor young man who hit us. I saw him sitting there for an hour while we waited for the very late judge to arrive and the clerk went through the preliminaries. I had my knitting with me to keep it from being a total waste of time (but one of the officers made me put it away when the judge arrived! Shocking!), but I felt so bad for him sitting there all alone, worrying, not even a lawyer or his mother at his side. So I went to tell him "good luck" before the judge came.

When it was our turn, it was over very quickly. Nothing I said could save him from the guilty verdict of following too closely. I felt bad, but he felt worse. He apologized, again, very profusely out in the hallway. I told him we both got off easily and it could have been much, much worse. I just hope he learned his lesson about keeping his distance!

6. So I didn't get much knitting done yesterday at court. I was really hoping I could make some serious progress on that project, but no luck. Maybe today since we have nothing to do?

7. Seriously, I have to get the sugar out of my system. I just had to stop typing and consciously think of what that "p-word" in the last sentence was supposed to be. I knew it sounded like "project", but it wasn't. What was it? Oh, progress.

My typing is full of errors. I can barely make it through a sentence without writing the wrong word. Like 'work' instead of 'word', or 'thing' instead of 'think'. My speech is just as bad, if not worse. Just ask the kids.

Last week though, when I had actually gone 4-5 days without sugar or grains, my brain was functioning again! It was amazing. Maybe no one else noticed, but I could type again; I wasn't Mrs. Malaprop anymore. I could just T.H.I.N.K.

Not to mention, that my moods are more even, less erratic.

You know, that's the kind of person I want to be: cheerful and intelligent. Is that too much to ask? So, could you all just stop having birthdays and feast days?


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  1. just because you asked...

    I will resolve to give up all my future birthdays...there that's one less day of sugar for ya!

    after all 34 is a good number to stick with!

  2. It's been a while since I fell off the wagon, but I had a good run without white flour and sugar and found that I could make a honey cake with whole wheat that was still a treat to the kids but didn't destroy my mood so thoroughly. You can also make a cold frosting by just whipping actual whipping cream and adding a bit of honey if you want. I think radiantrecovery has a carrot cake with no sugar, too -- uses baby bananas?
    Of course, for people who are accustomed to real desserts none of this impresses -- the cakes won't be hits at potlucks. But for me, the kids were so sugar-deprived they thought they were great, and so did I.
    Good luck getting off sugar again, do it for the rest of us!


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