Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Praise the Lord!

Let songs of joy break forth!

Let songs of joy break forth!

Sing Alleluia!  Praise His name!  My socks are done!!!!

Do you see how much yarn is left over?????

Early in the day yesterday I took that picture with the tee-niny little ball of yarn that I had left.  I had no idea how I was going to finish another diamond repeat and the toe of that sock with enough yarn.

I wondered all day who the Patron Saint of Knitters is so I could desperately invoke his or her intercession.

Well, even if we don't know who the appropriate saint is, God does, and He allowed my prayers to be answered.

Merry Christmas, honey!  I hope you love them and wear them a lot because they are the most expensive pair of socks you'll ever have!



  1. oh he'd better wear them after all that work!!

    yippee for enough yarn and finishing on time!

  2. Congratulations! They look warm and toasty! He'll love them!

  3. What kind of yarn did you use? They look great!

  4. Ida, it's Kroy Sock yarn by Patons. It has merino wool in it and is very nice to work with.


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