Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cozy Christmas Days

I'm enjoying these too few days of vacation time of Christmas.  Relaxing, sleeping, knitting without deadlines.  I even got some exercise yesterday----I started my New Year's Resolution early!

I also watched several shows on HGTV yesterday.  I just love watching them add little touches and rearrange things to make them beautiful.  Naturally, it made me just a little disgusted with my cluttered house, so I got up and cleaned my kitchen and removed a bunch of stuff that was making it look cluttered.

And then there was this:

It never goes away.  The counter where the children put their cups during the day so they don't have to get a new one every time they get a drink.

But there are 11 cups on the counter and I only have 6 kids, 2 of whom are usually away at college.  I can still end up with a dozen cups on the counter---even assuming the neighbors come over.  That's still only 8 cups total.  They just can't remember which one they used in the morning, or heaven forbid someone accidentally drank out of it, and they get another one.

I don't get it.  But it drives me crazy.

Since I had to go to pick up Madden at the mall yesterday afternoon, I decided to hunt for some new glasses.  I found a set of 10 for only $7.99 at Marshalls,  but they all matched, so I came up with this:

Now everyone has their own personal huggie, or cozie, or whatever-you-want-to-call-it, to put on their glass for the day.  There are still going to be glasses on the counter, but they all match and look a little neater.  Plus, I'll know which ones were used by the neighbors and can toss those in the dishwasher when they leave!

All I did was crochet them.  I made a chain that fit around the glass with a little stretching, joined it into a circle and just did 3 rows of double crochet.  It was simple and each one took 10 minutes to do.

I think my family room is next on the list to be decluttered....


  1. Oh Sara, excellent idea!!! We too have the "many cups hanging around" the water area in our kitchen, always an issue even when many years ago, we assigned our childre:)

  2. awesomeness! I have an aunt who always put a rubber band around her glass. as I read I was actually thinking "colored rubber bands??"

    your snuggies are cuter.

  3. They are prettier than rubberbands, but I could never keep our colors straight. I have to have names. I love the glasses! I found some heavy bottomed small glass mugs at our local dollar store that I thought wouldn't tip as easily as our plastic cups. They look great on the counter too!

  4. Very cute solution! Now I just need to learn how to crochet =)

  5. Supermom at it again. I say make them drink directly out of the faucet... More efficient that way. And no dirty glasses!


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