Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Quick Takes

Merry Christmas!

I know Jen's not hosting Quick Takes today, but I thought I'd post a few on this glorious occasion.

We went to midnight Mass last night and it was beautiful.  I love the serenity and beauty of the Midnight Mass.  It feels so much more Christmas-y than going with the huge crowds on Christmas day and fighting for parking spaces and pews.

We opened presents after Mass which is a tradition I got from my father and stepmother.  We got to bed at about 3:15.   Yawn.

I got Little Princess's Christmas dress finished in time.  It's beautiful, I think, but a little itchy evidently---hence the t-shirt underneath.  I wasn't there when she got dressed (because I left earlier for choir), so I missed the t-shirt and the fruitless search for her brand-new black slippers.  

She had to wear white sandals on a cold, wet Christmas.  Ick.

That would not have been good for my Christmas spirit.

More of our Very Thrifty Christmas:  tote bags from a shower curtain.

The thing that has been taking over my life for days on end.  I wish I knew how many hours this little gift cost me!  I spent, literally, All Day Christmas Eve in my room trying to finish.  I think I surfaced around 3 p.m.

The long piece of yarn in the front is attached to the strand that I'll use to sew the sleeves and sides together.  

No, it still isn't finished.  

It was damp from blocking and I didn't wrap it----We did a Betsy-Tacy Christmas thing and  KT wrapped multiple boxes inside boxes with a note that said "Hunt for Me" so he had to go find it hanging in his room.  I guess it's hard to find a gift when you don't know what you're looking for!

When I'm done here, I'm going to sit down and finish that sweater!


Would you believe that with all the knitting effort around here that I LOST dh's socks?  They weren't with the other gifts or under the tree and I had to hunt high and low before I found them.

In the basket full of library books.

I don't know; don't ask.


What's Christmas without your Mom?  Since she can't be with us anymore, God rest her soul, we used her lovely plates for the first time for Christmas Eve dinner.

Have a Blessed Christmas Season!


  1. Merry Christmas, dear Georgia Peach! I hope you're having a restful day.

  2. lost shoes, lost socks, an almost finished sweater, and purty dishes.....

    you made some memories this year friend!

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Lost shoes - the story of our life here! Every time I hear, "I can't find my shoes" I get the worst knot in my stomach! Breathe - think happy thoughts. Will there be shoes in heaven? JPII ended up wearing her swimming all weather shoes to church this a.m. Nice neon blue. Nobby decided last minute that she didn't like her church shoes so she wore her sneakers - an improvement in choices since her golashes Sunday. At any rate I was grateful they had some kind of shoes to wear because the third Sunday of Advent I had to leave the little ones home for lack of shoes altogether!! Some were outside soaking wet and the others had no matches to be found readily. I'm sorry for going on so, but peaceful Sunday mornings are made from organized Saturday evenings at my house. I obviosly need more of these!


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