Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I like to change around my decorating from year to year.  We have so many ornaments that we've collected over the years that I can usually do it pretty easily.  Since the kids watched Elf the other day, I have a hankering to do all white with snowflakes and paper chains like Buddy did in the department store.

It's pretty messy, but it's cheap and the kids are happy to participate in the labor fun.

We hope to have many festoons of paper garland all over the house.

And snowflakes hanging from the chandeliers.

Wishing you Peace and Joy during this Advent season as we prepare for the coming of our Savior!



  1. Now, that's weird. Did the same thing... just couldn't resist Buddy the Elf. Just know.. when you get here, that I DID NOT copy you. I am up to 20 starched snowflakes....

  2. never seen that movie.....but my entertainment center also says "PEACE"...how funny is that??!!

    (ya, the only one with FIVE hooks)


    hummmm, I don't have a clue how to make a snowflake and I'm not sure I'm ready to turn the kids loose with scissors yet....maybe next year.

    I change things up from year to year picking and choosing what to pt out. Last year I was all about snowmen, this year I don't think I put a single one out. I kept things even smaller than usual this year and it's very nice...says I ;-)


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