Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Tree Skirt

We had a super busy weekend.  Super.  Busy.  My plan was to set up the Christmas tree Saturday and then decorate Sunday.  Didn't happen.  But my sweet Pipster took the initiative on Sunday to drag the huge tree box out of the basement, and he and Little Princess put it together all by themselves!

For the past couple of weeks when I've been in stores, I've been looking Longingly at Christmas tree stands because the one that came with our tree is the pits.  Kicking myself for not buying a great one that I saw at Goodwill during the year---it was supposed to be Super-Easy to set up.

Pipster had no trouble with the tree.  That's because I had actually bought the tree stand, stuck it in the box, and forgotten about it!  It rocks, evidently.

How do you like my tree skirt?

I love it.  And after that busy weekend, I especially Love the fact that I didn't take the time to change it and used it As Is.


  1. i love the tree skirt and am glad you used it As Is - that was my vote ;)

    My 2nd oldest gets things movin' and starts putting the tree up... so the kids all pitched in and put branches upon branches up - i think dh likes this arrangement!

    I really love your nativity. did you just whip it up, or is there a site where you got the "how to's" from?

  2. whats with the random caps ma?

  3. What's with the lack of caps and commas, Katie?

    They just started appearing---they remind me of A.A.Milne and Winnie ther Pooh.


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