Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Pioneer Woman!

It was a mob scene at Border's last night!  Eren had to drop me off at the door while she looked for a parking space.  That little move probably saved us an hour of waiting time.  It was really hard to get through the crowd to see if PW was really there.

It was supposed to start at 7:30, but they were expecting such a big crowd that Borders cancelled the Discussion w/ Q&A and had her start signing books at 6 p.m.!

We were totally bummed about that, but we found ourselves a cozy spot on the floor and took out our Christmas knitting.  We made a lot of progress on our knitting last night, let me tell you.

Hours of sitting on the floor, or on that bench you see up there, which we moved to when their wristband color and number was called!  An couple of hours later we moved to another spot on the floor so we could be in line to get in line.  Or at  least get a look at P-Dub signing books and visiting with people.

She really is there!

There were lots of cool boots to watch.

PW told this girl in the red boots to show hers to her sister Betsy Wetsy.  I knew they were cool; I already had a picture.  PW and I think just alike!

Look!  We're almost there!  After going serpentine through the bookshelves for an hour.

We're like BFF's now.  We talked about my boots, my Oklahoma roots, my plans to be famous from my blog.

Okay, jk.  We didn't talk about anything but how tired we were and disappointed that she didn't get to speak.  It was a quick 1-minute book signing, but I'll say that she was still smiling and gracious to everyone despite the long hours, cramped hand, and only one bathroom break.  (And you know that was a sacrifice!  Look at all those beverages on the table!)

We got out of there at 11:30---it was another hour before I got home.  Not too bad, but then, I don't have to go to the office today!

Now, I can't wait for Christmas so I can look at my book and make some of her yummy recipes!

I've been remarkably restrained.


  1. well I can see where your daughter gets her good looks from!
    y'all are adorable!!!

    glad you had a good time and I LOVE lines and trains for getting extra work time in!!

  2. oh, I gotta tell ya a story. Last July we went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (the DVD shipped to me YESTERDAY...color me excited!!!) for our anniversary. We expected there to be long lines as it'd opened the day before we went so we got there way early. Which put us at the HEAD of the line and waiting on the previous showing to let out. I took Sugars' baby quilt and sat myself down on the theater floor (after brushing a spot clear of popcorn with my shoe) and quilted. Got some comments from the group getting out of the earlier showing!! but I got a ton of quilting done that day!! Was glad I did too cuz it was too dark in the theater even before the previews started to do anything.

  3. Awww! You're so lucky you got to meet P.W.!


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