Friday, January 22, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

1.  The news from Haiti continues to move me to tears----tears of joy for people who are rescued after many days, tears of sorrow for those who aren't, and tears because there are good people in the world doing heroic things.

2.  Today is a day of fasting and prayer, according to my Catholic calendar, to bring an end to the ongoing horror of abortion.  My kids occasionally ask questions about abortion and are shocked by the answers.  Children are naturally pro-life.  Why do adults have twist something so simple (killing an innocent human being) into a convoluted argument that gives people, mothers, the "right" to kill their babies?

3.  Bad news on the family front is that my brother has a golf-ball sized tumor in his head.  It's a Meningioma, which is usually benign, but it's still pretty serious.  He has permanently lost 90% of his hearing on the left side, and the surgery carries obvious risks along with more hearing loss and facial paralysis.  He'll be having the surgery in the next couple of weeks.  Please say a prayer for a successful surgery and quick recovery.

4.  All this tear-worthy news has me knitting like crazy.  I think I have an un-precedented number of projects on needs and the desire to cast on a couple more!  In my knitting bag I have LP's sweater, a new pair of socks for KT, a leafy scarf, and a hat for an unplanned recipient.  It might end up going to my brother----although he says he wants everyone to see his scar so they'll feel sorry for him.  He's keeping his sense of humor, thankfully!

5.  We have another birthday this weekend for our Little Princess.  I'm happy she's turning 8 (am I?  Really?), but I can live without a giant chocolate chip cookie cake.

6.   Some blogs that I read have music on them, which I generally like, although I read recently that they're bad!  On one blog, in particular, I used to play her "blog song" repeatedly because I liked it so much.  But just now,  as I was opening a whole bunch of windows on decorating to look at later, one of them started playing music.  Since I'm listening to a podcast, I had to hunt through all of them to find the culprit and turn off the conflicting music.

How do you feel about music on blogs?

7.  I watched the Massachusett's election of Scott Brown with interest, and a little hope (that's the normal kind of "hope", not "HOPE"!).  I'm anxious to see what comes out of this. 

You can find some interesting stuff out there!


  1. Sorry to hear about your brother. I said a prayer for him before I left your blog.

  2. So sorry about your brother. I will remember him in prayer. (Is he Catholic? Can I send you a rosary for him?) My brother Jeff recently had a Basal Cell Carcinoma removed from his forehead -- 10 stitches so it was pretty sizable for a skin cancer. Pretty scary stuff. You never know who is next.

  3. Prayers and best wishes for your brother. I love people who can face challenges with a scense of humor.
    The stories out of Haiti that touch me the most are of those showing gratitude (not anger), giving thanks, singing praises to God, and showing compassion to others even though their lives have also been altered with tradgey. They are the stories that give me hope.
    Funny how stress drives you to distraction. If I knew how to knit - I'd be doing that, but I crochet, so that's what I'm consumed with at the moment.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Praying for your brother right now. Hope it is a safe surgery and a quick recovery! And blessings to you dealing with the sress and worry. It's one thing to empathize with tragedy far away, but another thing altogether to have a worry so very close to home.

  5. Thanks for the prayers for my brother, ladies. He just told me that the surgery is scheduled for 2/12.

    Barb, no, he's not Catholic. He's a lapsed Presbyterian. God is doing everything He can to bring this man back to Him. There is so much going on in his life. Please pray!

  6. praying for your brother and i dont like music on blogs.

  7. Sara, forgive me for being tardy to offer a comment here. I'm so sorry about your brother, have him in our prayers for sure! How scary for him and your family. Keep on knitting Sara, it gives your creative items a legacy, with a story behind it, prayerful needles clicking away in rhythm to your tears to heaven. Hugs! About music on blogs, I used to have some and found it took too much time to load up the page for my dial-up friends. Since then, look at me, I ended up on satellite internet, blech. Now I know it's not a good thing! :)


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