Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Schoolroom Cleanup

My former schoolroom has become the dumping ground for everything crafty, schooly, or just plain not needed right now.  Sigh.

The table gets covered with scraps from sewing, pictures/projects that children have snuck in to do.

The desk gets covered with papers that need to be organized and more stuff that the children have left behind (which they're not supposed to do because I don't want them adding my mess!).

There are three stacks of boxes that dh removed from his old office and put there "for now".  They make it kind of hard for me to get to that bookshelf behind them!

The big green bin is the box of yarn that my friend Eren gave me.  There's lots of fun to be had in there!  

The closet is a mess and the fabric stash is overflowing.

More stuff piled against the wall on the right side of the door.  To be fair, the hulking black tower is a set of bins that I just bought at Tar-jay to help with the clutter control!

Meet my little helper!  She neatly folded all the things in those white bins on the floor.

We got rid of some of the clutter in the closet.  The stash is still a bit of a mess, but it's better.  The shelves whole my scrapbooking supplies and a box of photos for each of the children.   I will NEVER get to that long-held goal of an album for each of them!

Cleaned the trash off the sewing table and put everything away.  The stuff you see under the table is a stack of precious artwork that my mother did.  A few, semi-framed pieces, but mostly sketches and old canvases that have been removed from the stretcher-bars.

Clean desk.  Paperwork all in a neat stack to be dealt with still.  

New tower to knitting projects, more fabric, and knitting patterns.  The little tower on the right has a drawer for each child that holds their special certificates and little things that they might want in their scrapbooks.

I need help with that cushionless bench there.  It goes with LP's vanity, but the cane seat it used to have is gone.  It used to have a cushion that someone tried to attach with velcro, but it always came off and then so did the child sitting on it!  If anyone has ideas for that, I'd love to hear 'em!  Inspiration on how to fix it has just not come to me.

The boxes are out of the room!  There's a bump-out of sorts in the hallway, so we moved them out there.  They will be in nobody's way in that part of the house!

Then there's the laundry basket of things that didn't belong in the room.  And, yes, we put them all away!  I've gotten into a routine of cleaning up where I pile up things on the kitchen table (you know, the little things that kids leave all over the house during the day?).  I make a pile for each of them, usually their own stuff.  Then what's left over we all run around and put away.

It's so much better, now!  Whew.


  1. whew! is right! ahhhhh - is so much better :)

    It looks great - so refreshing, isn't it? I always have this attitude of 'i will NEVER let this get out of control again' - of course, it does. but it's fun to dream, eh?

    mothers of a lg brood - all their messes left for "later" .....commiserate in union


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