Thursday, January 28, 2010

Too Much Late Night TV

Dh had a job interview last night at the unconventional hour of 9 p.m. and I kept vigil at home with my knitting and free reign with the remote control.

While you're here, would you mind saying that prayer to good St. Joseph?  =======>
I'd appreciate it.  Thanks.

He was out very late, and consequently I need a cup of coffee.

I'd like one of these:

But this one would be Out of This World:

One of the shows I saw last night was Unwrapped (I think) on the Food Network.  Did you know there is a Seattle Barista Academy where people learn this art form?  Latte Art.

Who knew there was such a thing?

Beginners start out with things like hearts.  You know, I'd be perfectly content to stop there----a nice latte made With Love.

So pretty and delicate.  Just amazing!

It's like a tattoo for your cappuccino!

I love this one with the delicate palm frond and the chocolate squiggles (that's a totally lame word for something so pretty!).

It makes me want to go out and buy a super-expensive coffee maker so I can make these at home!

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  1. You mean that doesn't just happen when you pour in your cream? I thought I was missing out because I drink it black! (kidding ;-P )

  2. Calling on St. Joeseph for you. Our family just went through a round of job drama and so forth. It can be draining on everyone.

  3. PS. I wonder who your midwife was, did her name begin with an M? I had a traumatic delivery when Jake was born, we were in the same area I think.

    And Happy Birthday to LP!

  4. Seeking intercession from St. Joseph for this job interview. :) Such a nerve wracking time isn't it?

    There is also a latte school in Vancouver, so fun, so neat and so tempting. I want one. Right now. Yum! hehehe

  5. Giving St. Joe a little nudge. Of course.

    Love the coffee shots, but that is hard to do with coconut oil ;-). I make crema all the time with a tall glass and a whisk (just nuke the milk a little) works like a charm everytime.


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