Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What a Wednesday!

Is it really Wednesday? I'm so off-balance, I have no idea. It all started last week with missing Wednesday. I have no idea where it went and I didn't catch up until Sunday, cuz that was my birthday. Hard to forget turning 44. But the brain quickly lost track again!

Maybe that's why I prefer the school year---I have the different daily activities, like piano lessons or football games, that keep me firmly anchored to the appropriate day of the week.

Oh, and there are 2 posts today---scroll on down when you're done with this one. The Jane Austen post was supposed to appear on the 8th, but I had scheduled it for 2009. Sheesh.

What's Going on Today?

  • First piano lesson of the school year for TMax!
  • First non-piano lesson of the year for Pipster. He quit in a huge display of tears after his cast came off.
  • Football practice for Hitch and Madden, which means
  • Seriously complex carpooling maneuvers to get them to school and TMax to piano.
  • After piano is over, I can just relax and turn my van over to KT so she can drive alll the waaay to Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheater for a concert tonight. Alone. Jack Johnson, anyone? She is meeting a friend there, one who lives on the opposite side of Atlanta, so no carpooling.
What I'm excited about:

I got my very first bloggy award from my friend Kalynne at The Philosopher-Mom. Now, let's see if I'm clever enough to figure out how to post the darn thing---I mean, "this wonderful award."

Kick Ass Blogger Award

I'd like to thank the Academy and my (10) faithful readers for this award. I will endeavor to kick some ass in future posts. I'd nominate Kalynne, but she already got one and really kicks ass. So, I'll nominate some of my other favorite bloggers:

Rachel at Between Stupid and Clever
Kathleen, The Responsible One
Suburban Correspondent, The More, the Messier
Jennifer, Conversion Diary, and
Holly, June Cleaver Nirvana

What I'm not excited about:

  • Pretty much everything.
  • Calendar filling up to a scary degree.
  • My sweet girl going back to UGa on Friday.
  • Co-op starting in 3 weeks.
  • Being the lead teacher for the 7th grade and up Boys.
  • Did I mention Co-op?

What I'm working on:

  • Remember the photo albums? 20 years worth of photos are still on my dining room table and they need to be put away by Labor Day weekend when Mil & Fil come to visit.
  • Redecorating my bedroom, on a shoestring, in a way that will make me smile when I walk in. That involves repainting my mother's Ethan Allen furniture white. A huge job. But she would totally approve since she hated it and she had painted the matching hutch white years ago. She loved painting things white!

What I'm looking forward to:

  • Watching more Olympics
  • Listening to 17 hours of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on CD because Pipster hasn't read it yet. It really makes driving places bearable!
  • Best of all----Choir rehearsals start again next week!!! And I get to be in the "quartet" this year that sings gorgeous music once a month!
Ya'll have a great day!


  1. What a cool award -- thank you!!

  2. Thanks so much for the award! Yeah. I really appreciate it.

    I will be thinking of you on our co-op days when I am working with Kindergartners--sounds like you may have drawn the short straw. Although it will be an adventure with plenty of blog fodder.

    Thanks again! I am going down to take your quiz. Of course I know who I am, but just to make it official...

  3. Thanks for the nomination! I love that your are not excited about 'just about everything'! Uh, I am laughing my head off.

  4. That not being excited about "just about everything" is my way of saying that depression is rearing its ugly head. I'm planning to fight it! I hate it!

  5. Hey, you are online. I wanted to tell you that I have my photo album (or should I say ginormous box of pictures) which I need to organize as well. I got the box when mom died, as I didn't trust my dad to take care of them. I need to scan them all and put them to disc. They are just thrown in there randomly. Pictures from my family's entire life together. A huge mess...but a huge treasure. Good luck with yours.

  6. Thanks Sara for the cool award, now YOUR blog may really have a PG-13 rating! Kick Ass, oh my :)

    Wanna get together and have a pull ourselves up by the bootstraps party? We just can't watch Mama Mia because that "Slipping Through My Fingers" song did me in! I like your idea of facing things head on.

    Enjoy your summer that lasts until Sept.....


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