Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pictures of our Progress (and lack thereof)

This is a "before" picture of our dining room. I'll show you an "after" later. Or not. ;-), depends on how the day goes.

Formerly junky corner of TMax & Pipster's room. One of their shelves fell down (on the left). That will have to wait!

Newly installed desk where TMax's bed used to be!

Bunk beds, duh. TMax is waiting (not too long, I hope!) for me to make a privacy curtain for him.

The bookshelf was relocated from inside the closet where it had resided for the past few years.

If you're wondering about the words on the walls----It's the Scout Law from the Boy Scouts of America. When we painted their room their 2 favorite colors (they each got to pick one), I hated the way it looked, so we decided to stencil the Scout Law and fleurs-de-lis between the words to give it some added interest. I think it's a very cool Boy Scout room!


Now for the Little Princess's room! Her's is still a little cluttered because she has more photos and girly stuff that really can't be sent down to the playroom.
But she has a place for everything wanted and everything wanted in it's place!

And there is a lot less of it.


  1. I think the boys' room and the Little Princess' room are really adorable. I love the matching furniture in LP's room. Autumn has a mish mosh of stuff. I could really make it prettier. I don't think things look cluttered at all. Great Job!!!

  2. LP's furniture is courtesy of my mom. Mom snagged the 3 pieces from her neighbors for $100 and stripped off the white paint to find beautiful birds-eye maple. It's a treasure!

  3. Kudo's on a job well done. I've got to get back to conquering my clutter monster too.


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