Wednesday, August 27, 2008

R is for Rhyme

is turning out to be one of the best parts of our homeschool day!

We're doing a letter a day for our Poetry block this semester. Every day we read one letter, after reciting the already learned letters:

A is for acrostic
B is for ballad
C is for cinquain
D is for doublet
E is for end rhyme
F is for free verse
G is for ghazal....

That's how far we've gotten. It's fun learning a new type of poetry or aspect of poetry every day. And usually the kids test out what they've learned by writing one. Some are fun, some are a lot of work. Frankly, we skipped the ballads altogether because they're rather long and I'm not sure anyone was up to the challenge!

Here are some examples of their work....

An acrostic by the Little Princess:

Roses are red

Or pink, with a

TMax wants me to use his acrostic also. He has 2.


Lol! and...

Outstanding athletes all in all
Losers, winners, every one
Young and old
Masters of sports
Playing for gold
In this


And Pipster's doublet...
Dog and Cat

I have a dog
with a dot on his ear.
He sleeps on my cot.
Then I got a cat.

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  1. We haven't started this yet, but I am hoping to this coming week!

    So, you are doing a letter every day? I was leaning more towards a letter per week, but since we haven't tried it out I guess it is hard to know what will work best...

    The acrostics are great!


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