Friday, August 15, 2008

And So Another School Year Begins...

Happy Feast of the Assumption!

Our busy day began with beignets for breakfast. They're part of a healthy breakfast First Day of School tradition we started a few years ago. Today wasn't officially a "first day" but with KT going back to college and Hitch and Madden going for a half-day (Madden wasn't required to be there, as he is neither a Prefect nor a New Student, but he has afternoon football practice and we wouldn't be able to take him later), I thought we'd pretend.

Then we all hit the early traffic to Holy Spirit to attend Mass and drop off the big boys.

Back to the car for 6 of us to come home and load up KT's life into the back of the car and head for UGa. We had just enough room and plenty of Harry Potter to listen to.

She was so excited to back on campus with her buddies. All her apartment-mates were there getting unpacked. We made a run to the bookstore to buy books, got some pizza for lunch, and said good-bye. I thought it would be a tearful farewell, but we managed to console ourselves with the thought that she'll be back in 2 weeks!
Here she is looking down from their front door with her good friend Alex. See how sad they are that we're driving away?


  1. I love the pics. You and Kathleen (and the myriad other parents like you guys whose kids go away to college) blow me away. I truly am in awe. I am a complete ninny and am so glad Andrew is too broke to live away from home yet. I don't play favorites but Andy is my only teen (at least you have Hitch and Madden) and I really love spending time with him. I would be (and will be someday) heartbroken when he leaves. All my attachment parenting is backfiring and now I am too attached! LOL

    I wanted to say 'Hi' to you at church today but desperately needed water when Mass was over. When I got back from the fountain I didn't see you anywhere!

  2. Just so you know, I didn't send her away willingly! It was just 2 weeks after Mom died and we got back from the funeral just a few days before she had to leave for the first time. But my sister reminded me that even though I might be very sad about it, it was normal for her to grow up and leave home. It was a good thing, quite unlike what I had just been through.

    So, when the time comes for him to leave, or someone else to leave, you'll be ready because it's the right thing. Not necessarily easy, but right.


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