Thursday, September 2, 2010

Spraypainting Fun!

I did it!  I took the plunge and spraypainted my desk.  Here is the before....not the "Before, before", but the "After, before" since we had already removed the adorable red and white porcelain knobs KT had put on it.

I justified painting it because:

a. It has no veneer on top and hasn't for over 20 years,

b.  I figure we devalued its dubious value already by painting it

c.  And there was really no where to put it in my house in its current state, lovely though it was.

Et voila!  She is much happier now in her new white dress (Krylon Ivory, to be precise)!
Even though I sanded down the top, it looks blotchy on top! :-(
Just pretend you can't see that, because you can't see it in the bedroom.
She has pretty glass slippers  drawer pulls, now.  And you can even see her shocking red petticoat peeping out!

I love it!

Here's my new nightstand, too!  It called to me from the roadside as I passed A Classy Clutter.  I paid $48 for it ( a little more than I would have liked) and then found out it is from Pottery Barn.  Woot!
My side of the bedroom is looking lighter and prettier!  Yay!  

We won't talk about the other side where dh has filing cabinets for a nightstand.  Those are going away soon.  Very soon.

Still working on a replacement for that too creamy lampshade and the curtain issue.  So don't even go there.

That was fun!  We did a lot of spray painting yesterday!  I'll show you more later.


  1. Barbara! that sounds SCANDALOUS!! ;-)

    very nice! what color are your walls? I like em.

  2. Hahahaha!

    I think the wall color is Floss Blue. We painted it as soon as we moved in 13 years ago this weekend! So, it could really stand to be redone, but it still makes me really happy. I think it was a Behr color, not sure.


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