Friday, September 3, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

Friday, again?  Let's see if I can crank out 7 Really Quick Takes before I have to hit the road at 6:55!  That's in one hour exactly.  Every night I go to bed, tired from a long day (duh, don't we all?), but then I realize that I have to get up and out again to get Tom to school!  It's quite an adjustment, but we're doing pretty well.  It's easier if he has his lunch made and his stuff all ready to go the night before because, let me tell you, I think he moves slower than I do in the mornings. 

And that's saying something.

The 2 hours in the car every day are made quite bearable by the mindless stockinette in my lap, although I am approaching the end of that project, and the books on my ipod touch.

Since we finished Around the World in Eighty Days we've been listening to Robinson Crusoe Told in One Syllable Words.  Not a bad retelling except for the fact that the narrator is the worst. and talks. in. this halting way.  that. has.  nothing to do.  with the story.  After Crusoe finally made it (spoiler alert!)

back to civilization, I couldn't listen to it anymore.  Now we're going to start the real thing.

Yesterday we found The Hunger Games at Target, so I picked it up for Pipster.  He hadn't read the series, and I had only bought the 2nd and 3rd.  I think he read the whole thing yesterday!  I'm pretty amazed; he's not a huge reader.  You know, one of those kids who will devour Harry Potter, but not much else.

This trilogy is awesome, though.  Well written, great characters.  They're pretty gritty stories with some awful stuff happening, but the author, Suzanne Collins, doesn't dwell on the details for the sake of gore.  In a few days we can have some great conversations---Tom and I haven't been able to discuss them since Pip is always around!

We're looking into get a new pet.  It might turn into 2.  Bunny rabbits.  I had Bunny Dreams last night.

Meg and Pip have had a couple of lemonade stands this week to raise money for their new pet.  Looking at cages and such yesterday made me realize that they can be pretty expensive!  Can't you just put a gerbil in a cardboard box?  But no gerbils for me; too rat-like.  I'm the one that said we need something pretty like a parakeet or cuddly like a rabbit.

I just can't do the rodents.  But I had a rabbit in middle school.  My brother raised them.

And raised them.

And raised them.

It gets quite ridiculous, you know.

They breed like rabbits.

Football game tonight!  Exciting!  First home game of my baby's senior year!

I'm barely leaving myself time to wake the kids and get a shower!
Have a great day, y'all!


  1. Have a great weekend! Get some sleep. ;-)

  2. do they really?? imagine that! wow, that they should breed like....well....rabbits!!

    you crack me up!

    I'm loving my audiobooks! perfect for on the go enjoyment!

    but I'm about ready to go hunt this dang whale myself just to end the book!!


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