Monday, September 6, 2010

Bunny Mania!

My kids Pipster and Meg have been dying for a pet for ages.  We're still not at the point where we want to go to the expense of a dog, so I thought we could get something smaller.  After thinking about the options, and the fact that I don't want rat-like creatures in the house, I suggested  a parakeet  or a rabbit.  I remember loving my bunny that I had in middle school.  They voted "rabbit" without hesitation because they wanted a pet they could cuddle!

So, they started counting up their money, pricing cages and water bottles, and looking at pictures.  They even held a couple of lemonade stands to raise more money for what looked like it would be more expensive than anticipate.

After a trip to the big pet-supply store, where they don't carry rabbits, just rabbit accouterments, I decided it was still more than I cared to spend.

I went home and looked at Craigslist, which I have looked at, but never used before.  Would you believe there were 2 bunnies looking for a good home??

I found out later that they had been bought for children who no longer took care of them or played with them, and the mother was the sole bunny-care-giver.

The mom and dad delivered our new little friends on Saturday along with all their belongings.  A nice, big cage, food, litter, chew toys, carrots, celery, nail clippers.  All for nothing.

Just the promise that we would take good care of them.

Right now, they're spending a lot of time with them, feeding them, stroking them, letting them out of the cage and trying to catch them.  Mopsy and Jasmine are a bit skittish because they're not used to anyone handling them except the mom who gave them to us.


I know it's a drag, but there are no pictures yet!  Safari freezes up when iphoto gets to the bunny pics, and Firefox thinks the bunny pics were never imported and my desk is the last import!  I don't know what to do---except take more pics and hope they "take".  (hee hee)


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