Friday, September 10, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

This week's Quick Takes focus on What You Can Do If You Want to Neglect Your Blog:

You can get new bunny rabbits.  Of course, they don't require much of my own personal attention, but getting their photos into the blogosphere or FB does.

Here are two pictures of Jasmine, Meg's rabbit.  You can see the tushy of Mopsy.  She's just a common, brown rabbit with a white cottontail.  The kind we see in the wild, everywhere here.  

An "inferior" sort of bunny, so I read.

You can also buy a memo board at Goodwill, just for kicks, and recover it in zebra stripes for your little princess.

Then, when all the ribbons attached with spray adhesive fall off, you can spend Way Too Much Time trying to re-attach them with a staple gun.

Then, if you're smart, you'll run into Home Depot after picking up TMax to buy a new staplegun and staples that promise to work, making him late for his piano lesson.

This time, it will only take a few minutes to efficiently staple down those ribbons, but of course, you'd be doing it in the few spare minutes between piano and choir.

You can spend A Lot of Time ripping out several rows of your knitting project that has many, many small stitches per round, picking them up again, reknitting them only to frog them again.

This project is Almost Done.  I can't wait to see how it looks when it's finished.  I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but that's not necessarily the point of knitting, is it?

You can spend half the day shopping at Target for bunny supplies, Target cafe-schooling your children while waiting to meet your milk and egg supplier.  Then come home, recuperate, finish schooling your kids and spend the afternoon organizing, emailing, filling out forms, and generally getting ready for your American Heritage Girls meeting.

And finally, you can catch your children's miserable cold.  It won't slow down your life as much as you might like, but it will give you a good excuse to sit in front of the computer.


I hope you have a glorious, relaxing weekend with none of those nasty, fall colds!

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