Wednesday, September 29, 2010



It looks innocent enough, doesn't it?

I left my kids home to watch this DVD while I went to pick up Tom from school.  Meg has been working on a sign language badge for American Heritage Girls, so I got a couple of videos at the library.

Well, if they hadn't been in such shock, they'd probably know how to sign condom, boobs, and $#it, now!  Fortunately, they knew enough to turn it off.

I don't know what's worse:  the exposure to that stuff, or the fact that neither one asked me what a condom is.


  1. I can't see the pic....what movie IS that???

    geez louise!

  2. I went back and put a link in...

  3. Yikes! This website
    ( ) is awesome for learning sign language. Each word/term has a video, and condom isn't a choice. ;-)

  4. Seriously? I have that book on the shelf, just haven't gotten to it!

    Methinks we'll stick with Signing Time.

    Happy Feast!!

  5. Margaret, I don't know, maybe it's possible to preview it and stop it before the bad stuff. I found out later that they did actually learn quite a bit! They were talking about it and showing me all the good signs they had learned---I was very surprised at how well they had learned them and showed them without hesitation.

    Now, they have NOT shown me the bad signs, which I hope means that they were so shocked they didn't learn them!

    Barbara, I tried that site, and there was no video on Safari. I'll have to try it with firefox and see if it works.


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