Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend Roundup

It was a busy weekend here, much busier than I expected.  So busy, in fact, that I didn't get to celebrate the Feast of All Saints the way I wanted to.  I'll just hit the highlights for you....

I was happy to have KT and Hitch home for dinner on Thursday.  We were all together except for Madden who was at school half the night preparing the "spooky stage" for the entire school.  They should let kids camp out sometimes when they have to be there so late.

Friday was spent running many errands, shopping for KT and Hitch before we went to the football game together, prepared for a deluge.  While it was cool, it wasn't too cold and the rain was really just a heavy mist all evening until the game was over.  We won't discuss the outcome of the game or the score...

More errands on Saturday with last minute costume details and food for the family and KT.  Her little cupboards were bare, evidently.

My vacuum cleaner salesman who made his own business cards.

Much to my children's dismay, I am not a huge fan of halloween since I converted and discovered the true meaning of the holiday.  I don't mind dressing up and trick-or-treating, but I don't like how some people take it to extremes.  You know those tacky, overlit Christmas displays?  How about that in reverse?  One house in my neighborhood gets creepier every year as they add more stuff.  This year it passed the "scary graveyard" stage and moved into occult territory.  Yuck.  So, I often end up doing a little (very little) shopping on the big day for costume details.  I refuse to buy costumes, and depending on how inspired I am or how creative their ideas, I might do some sewing.

This year's sewing involved taking in old bridesmaids dresses for Little Princess and her BFF so they could go as "Masquerade People".

Pipster was an "Exploded Scientist".   I love the t-shirt he handpainted.

Sometime early Saturday we discovered that Hitch was sick with a high fever and sore throat, so my busy-ness also included a modicum of nursing.

KT and I did Trick-or-Treat duty in the cold, cold rain with 3 of the slowest trick-or-treaters on the planet.  3 little girls in long dresses, with wet feet, who would rather discuss the relative merits of Hannah Montana and Demi Lovato between houses instead of moving quickly.  Though we tried our best to be good sports, a little nagging did ensue to speed them along.

Pipster kept Hitch company Sunday morning while we all went to Mass for All Saints because he's got a bad, croupy cough that I assume he got from LP and her BFF.

We had  a nice dinner and we made Soul Cakes for dessert.  I made the dough in the afternoon so we could fry them after dinner and eat them warm.  Maybe it's because, except for halloween night, I hadn't had any sugar in 2 months, but I think these really are fantastic doughnuts!  They were so easy to make and tasted phenomenal!  You've got to try them.  Oh, and if you like them, maybe you should just subscribe to Barbara's food blog.  Her other blog is good, too, but not quite as yummy.

Just before bedtime we had a little more All Saints fun by having the kids draw a holy card and run find a costume within 5 minutes.  You'd think that we would have lots of those ready-made and lying around, but they must be  mostly packed away.  This is what they came up with....

St. Therese and St. John the Baptist

St. Maximilian Kolbe and St. Catherine of Siena

St. Joseph and Our Lady of Lourdes

Sweet KT, regretfully, had to leave after dinner and miss this.  Hitch stayed for my exemplary nursing skills.  We went to the Dr. this a.m. for a diagnosis of tonsilitis and some antibiotics.  I'll be driving him back to college tomorrow, probably.

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  1. Sounds like it was a fabulous weekend -- except for Hitch :-(. Love St Therese -- I'll bet she was laughing up in heaven. Glad you enjoyed the doughnuts. Ours were yummy too.

    My word verification is throof -- if you need me, I'll be up on throof.


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