Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday, Monday

What's a good title for Mondays?

Monday Misery because another busy week is starting?

Monday Madness---same reason?

Monday Management because that's what I want to do today: take control of my life?

We'll go with Management today.  Next Monday might be completely different.


The weekend was fairly quiet, unless you count the coughing.  Dh took the boys to the parish clean-up party and I took Little Princess to the doctor because she was still coughing until she gagged.  And I'd had enough.  And Sarah told me to.

Sarah thought she might have bronchitis, but I didn't think so.  In her defense, Sarah wasn't here to hear her cough!  I was a little surprised to hear that LP has pneumonia.  I expected a fever with that.  Or maybe a child who didn't feel like playing with her friends at all.  Dh asked if it was walking pneumonia.  We agreed that running pneumonia might be a better term!  So she's on antibiotics and much, much better yesterday.

The doctor though it might be a good idea for me to be seen, too.  So I signed in and she listened to me as well.  No pneumonia for me, but another prescription.  I did feel pretty lousy all weekend but I could feel the energy coming back last night.

The other news is that my dad is in the hospital in Missouri in ICU.  Evidently, there have been some very scary moments since Thursday.  My sister is there.  My brother is driving out from Virginia.  Being sick, I know that my place is here, but as that changes....well, we'll see.  I hated leaving my family when my mom was dying, but it was clear that I had to.  I can only pray that my dad gets better and that my duty becomes clear.

So, on that note...whenever life is like this, and there is so much happening that is out of my control, I turn to cleaning.  There are few things I can control in my life and cleaning is somewhat therapeutic.  This morning we're starting our pre-Advent housecleaning.  We have 10 available days to clean and declutter the entire house---God willing and the creek don't rise.


  1. Sara, praying for your dad's quick recovery! (and yours too)

    Let me know if there is anything I can do.

  2. We are battling colds out here too. It is that time of year. I hope everyone feels better soon!

  3. you're such a good patient!!


    glad you're feeling better, but I'd rather bronchitis than pneumonia meself...poor 'running' thing.

    I'm kinda sorry to hear you've joined my weight loss program.

    Prayers for a healthy family throughout the holidays!


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