Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Think I'm In Love

Two Leaves and a Bud Mountain High Chai

I went to a birthday party on Saturday with the Little Princess at the home of a neighbor.  We've just met although LP has been playing with them and their dog in the front yard for a little while.

They're an Indian family and the mother of the hostess was there making chai tea.  I'd never had it before and I love Indian food, so I tried it and liked it, and twisted her arm for the recipe because I could see that it was more than just a teabag.

Her method involves boiling a couple of cinnamon sticks, a few cardamom seeds, and cloves together before adding the teabags.  Then she adds milk and brings it to a boil and it's done.  You must add sweetener or it won't taste good, evidently!

I've been looking for a suitable substitute for coffee now that cool weather is here, and I found this tea at the health food store yesterday.  I chose it out of all the others because it already has the 3 spices in it, and when I made it this morning it tasted exactly like hers.

Of course, I used cream in mine, not milk.

Just the thing for a cold, rainy morning and a scratchy throat.


  1. I fell in love with chai tea awhile back.

    per cup with 1 Tbs sugar and 1 oz milk makes a Chai Latte similar to Starbucks'

    but beware, that Chai tea has a ton and a half of caffeine!

  2. I really like Indian food -- one Thanksgiving in KY, Jerry's mom made tandoori (sp?) chicken...your beautiful pumpkin biscuits are a link in my post today...how did the broth turn out? I might get some bones from the butcher I put in my post today...never made beef broth from scratch though...

  3. I love chai! Every afternoon I sit down with a cup made with mostly milk and a little bit of Tazo's Chai Spiced Black Tea Concentrate. It's great! (I usually buy organic, but the organic Tazo Chai mix has an off flavor, so I get the original)


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