Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vacation Day 4, part 2

So, yesterday when I left you we had just had a scrumptious lunch of hearty sandwiches  (and Maryland crab chowder, in my case) at The Shamrock and it was time to head dtr (down the road) to Gettysburg, which ended up being much quicker than we expected.  

Guys, if you go to one of these sites, you really should go to the other!

The areas around the visitors' center were surrounded by these happy wildflowers,

which the children wanted to frolic in,

(although Pipster looks more like a lion stalking his prey!)

even the big boys,

ummm, or NOT.

Adorable, downtown Gettysburg.  There was so much cuteness there that if it were a baby, I'd pick it up and squeeze it!

Hard to imagine these gorgeous views obscured by smoke, explosions, blood, and screams of agony.

They had this handy little tower you could climb to get a better view!

That's Little Round Top in the distance.

Hard to keep kids off stone walls when they're everywhere!

This is the site of Picket's Charge.  I think they had to make it to the 'clump of trees'.
OMG, those were some of the bravest men ever because there was no place to hide while hell rained down upon them!

No wonder this place is literally littered with monuments and memorials to different divisions.  They deserve them.  

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