Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lesson in Humility

I had some free time tonight after choir, before I had to pick up Madden from a movie, so I stopped into the chapel for a little Eucharistic Adoration.  

I prayed the rosary, and  then turned on my pink Ipod.  I was a little concerned (okay, alot) about how it would look to the other people there as I "played" with it and walked out with it still on a few minutes later.

But I was listening to, and praying, the Divine Office.  

Really,  I was.  


  1. Like I tell the kids -- that's between you and God.

    Just kidding!

    Don't you love going to adoration? I often wish I could bring a pillow and blanket so I could go to sleep right there with Him and wake up right there with Him. Wouldn't I get a dirty look for that?

  2. uh-huh,....I'm gonna remember that one!



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