Sunday, July 5, 2009

Apple My Eye!

Thanks to the comments on this post which I sent to DH, which I'm not linking you to because I can't, so you'll have to be satisfied with the knowledge that it's a post from Karen Edmisten's blog last week where she asked her readers' opinions, we decided to buy an imac. We've needed a new computer for a long time---the old PC just kept limping along, requiring more and more hours of dh's time to keep it running. He's been doing the research and these comments just pushed him over the edge and we opted for the Mac because of its ease of use.

So far, it has not been the most pleasant experience of my life---beginning with 3 nights in a row spent at the Apple store! And a morning.

The first night, we were just shopping, looking at Mac's with the assistance of grunge-boy. Not what you'd expect a salesperson to look like at any other store, except maybe the Apple store. Very nice and very knowledgeable, though. Evidently, appearances can be deceiving.

The second night was for buying the computer and the free Ipod Touch that they're offering right now with their education discount. That's just not as easy there as it is at Best Buy. But we wanted them to make it really easy for us, so we took in the old, embarrassingly-huge hard drive to have them transfer everything to the Mac. While we were sitting there doing the paperwork, a couple across the table from us remarked that I didn't look happy. No, I was not feeling happy. It took another day for me to realize that the source of my "unhappiness" was the store environment. I was overwhelmed by all the lights and activity and hum of people talking. The mall stresses me out to a certain extent. This store is much worse! Frankly, I felt like my brain was shutting down just to maintain my sanity.

So, the third night was for picking up the brand new Mac and we'd be happy! Alas, it was not to be. We left a little happy, but not completely. We had to go through a whole "getting introduced to your new computer" session first. In the process of this, it became obvious that they hadn't touched our computer to transfer the files at all.

At all.

They kept apologizing all over themselves because this has never happened before! They didn't come right out and say that they want to buy our silence for their major mistake, but the manager said something incoherent about dinner, and making us happy. I suggested that a 16GB Nano would make us feel better----which, if you know me, is a rather bold statement. He actually seemed a little relieved that I suggested it and he asked, "What color?" Purple was my quick response, since conveniently enough, KT and I had just discussed earlier that day what color and size Nano she wanted for her birthday in September.

So anyway, after going back a fourth time Saturday morning to take possession and "get introduced" to our new computer in that same frenetic environment, after which I was a total stressed-out mess for the rest of the day, we're now the proud owners of an imac, an itouch, and another nano-pod.

And I'm seriously confused.

I keep messing things up and I don't know where they've gone!

I lost the little note on i-tunes that says "LP's Ipod". (She inherited KT's old, old one.)

I tried to paste a URL into my blog and there was a little puff of smoke and all the URL boxes disappeared from my windows and I have no idea how to retrieve them! How can I navigate to a new site without a place to type the URL?

I locked my itouch so that the kids couldn't download apps without permission and now the apps store button has disappeared! I didn't expect that to happen; I just expected it to ask for a password when you wanted to download something!

Grunge-boy said everything is really easy to use and it's made so you can't mess it up.

Right. I thought Macs were all about intuitive and easy-to-use. Well, I suppose I'll become an expert eventually, but I'm not enjoying this so far. I don't relish major changes in general, so maybe I'm not a good judge.

Any Mac experts out there want to tell me where my stuff has gone?


  1. and that, my friend, is why I still have my trusty, dusty PC...complete *growl* with Vista.

    I refuse to learn yet another computer system!!

    ps, I get visually overwhelmed in stores like that too....makes my eye twitch and causes me to drool uncontrollably.

  2. Our computer was so old that we didn't even have Vista---which I hear is a good thing!

    Sweet Madden "found" everything for me last night. So, it's mostly all good. Not quite, but getting there.

  3. I can't help you with i-Tunes but most everything else is more than likely a software difference. I love my Mac and have only used a PC through the kids and found it to be ridiculously cumbersome. In fact, my husband will attest that the ONLY time I get mad at the computer is when I'm using Word, which of course, is a PC originated program. It frustrates the snot out of me.

    Email me if you have questions and I'll try to answer them, or I'll ask college boy who is also a Mac user (a newer Mac).

  4. well this doesnt make me feel very good! my laptop screen broke [from a fall argh!!!!] and dh wants to get me a mac...
    we went to BestBuys so i could 'try them out' - i don't know what questions to ask b/c i don't know the system. some features are pretty cool though. my brother just bought my mom and dad a new mac [the one with the lgst monitor - which *is* the computer...] anyway, my dad loves it and says it's so easy. so i don't know.
    i don't know. i don't want to be frustrated - though i do w/the pc. we'll see.
    good luck, and keep us updated as you learn to navigate and such. let us know how you're liking it :)

    have a great day!

  5. This is exactly why I detest electronic stores. My husband loves them. I think it's a gender thing.
    Me I'll take a good old craft/fabric store any day over computer sales people.
    Fortunately for me my husband does all the computer stuff.
    Hope your new computer starts getting easier real soon.

  6. are you loving it yet? i never use our PC anymore, straight mac baby. have you figured out how to do bookmarks for safari. soooo awesome (you can make it so you have your favorite blogs that all open at once in their own little tabs). super cool.
    might not be able to answer all your ?s but if you have any more, feel free to ask.


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